Author Topic: (Archive)Koffi Olomide & Quartier Latin - Les Coulisses de la Grande Ecole(2001)  (Read 1081 times)

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Damn, been waiting for this one. Gotta watch in full when I get the time.

I'm already seeing Lola over-exaggerating his voice in the begining. Idk how he lasted in QL that long frankly, maybe it was symbolic to have him since his father (RIP) passed not to long before.
hahaha speaking of Lola archos,mvulusi can y'all tell me why he left Quartier Latin in June 2003 ? Was it really because of the song Silivi ? I heard he wrote the song.

Lola's departure from QL has nothing to do with Silivi. The problems started in November/December 2002. Koffi Olomide & Quartier Latin had than to perfrom in Switerland (Geneve or Laussane) so they took the train from Brussels to come there, but Lola Muana then missed the train. Zaiko was that day perform in Brussels so he decided to visit them. Forgetting that Nyoka Longo and Koffi Olomide were on bad terms. (Nyoka Longo was then claiming that Koffi did everything to have their concert at Zenith canceled, etc. and sending musicians to attack him and he would later attack Koffi in the Eureka-generique). The visit surprised everybody. The Congolese press being happy how he sung his father songs in Zaiko's concert. But Koffi was furious to hear that. He started then to treat Lola Muana differently, ignoring him many times and even beaten him during that LSC-concert. But Lola didn't left. After the goodbye concert at Zenith he went with them back to Africa (performing in Togo, the controversial concert in Benin, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville). Then when they arrived in Kinshasa it was finished for Lola Muana. Koffi started then to left behind for all concerts outstide DR Congo. When they went to the USA he left him behind, they went to Niger or Mali don't remember they left him behind, then when they went to Brazzaville for the Fespam Lola tried to follow them to Oyo were there was a private concert for president Sassou with him wanting to sing with them on stage but Koffi beat him them very hard with him starting crying. I remember Zobozi saying that in an interview. He saw then that his time in Quartier Latin was over with him deciding to form his own band and work on a solo album. Then he saw Koffi continuing to promote extrats of Silivi in concerts which made him furious, because it was his song and the polemic about Silivi starting. Koffi had the habit to promote the songs of his next solo album, just at the same moment when they are preparing the Quartier Latin-album (sometimes even before the release of the just finished solo album). Back in 2002 he started already promoting Pomme Verte, Musulman, Bye Bye, Aliya (then called Amaral), Silivi & Aubergine.

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Damn he beat him at the Christmas 2002 LSC concert in front of everyone ?? Wtf there's no way a boss has any right to beat his employee what part of the game is that ? I know Koffi did a lot of good for his artists but he did a lot of bad things to them.
Anyway that's typical with congolese musicians. This reminds of the departure of Deplik from Maison Mere.