Author Topic: (Rare) 14th Anniversary of Quartier Latin (2000)  (Read 997 times)

archos #30 on: March 30, 2020, 00:06

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All jokes aside, do yall really think Lola is a good singer? Like unironically lmao
No one said he’s a bad singer, he’s just annoying on choruses along with Gibson, even Bouro sometimes. Like they just try to hard to stand out, not realising it can cause a mess.

lol bouro aka mister i am often seconds late on chorus to do an unnecessary  rnb nuance to stand out
lola tried to hard to be like his father,but yannick has it a bit more natural and fluid lola was trying high notes surely for that,since his dad could do high notes effortlessly (as he showed for example in makaba's album)