archos on: February 07, 2022, 15:10

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I watched innoss' last interview with franck stemay,and the guy as usual just adressed things he is attacked for,i saw on ndombolhino's page him ndombo pretending to quote innoss saying "naleki bango tout" and having even "old" guys like writer tapelly bodjenga rip into innoss,many of us congolese fans have a problem with comprehension and interpretation and contexti dont know if its a consequence of the dirty jb werra polemic but you can see the most intelligent person naturally just completely thinking like a kid as soon as its about music or the politician of his tribe,he was talking a lot about the way robinio has been on his back for years in favor of fally and how gaz mawete aswell,and he said they are distracted into caring more about their big brother's stuff than theirs while their big brother continues his career normally and they come to undermine what he does while they dont do any better
 people understood it as he was saying that aleki na fally na ferre na batu misusu
and also what i will always have absolute respect for innoss for,he sticks for the guys of his generation even those who attack him,he tries to open their eyes that almost everything he is criticized for doing (festivals,views and so on) contribute way more to one's career than being close to a big star,that alone makes me respect him,you'll hardly find 2 3 artists who would not rather leave others dig their own graves as long as he is fine himself and for that alone i give him props,there is nothing wrong at all being a pire petit of a big artist but you also have to care about your own career,if werra and jb satisfied themselves of being close to wemba and kester and koffi only they'd have never become what they became

SLY PAPA NA KEVIN #1 on: February 12, 2022, 18:42

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I find Innos too smart for the so called chronifuati and even his competitors,the boys is very intelligent, his answers are clear but those that interview him,his rivals and their fans always misinterpret him. He's in his own lane and seems what his competitors do doesn't bother him at all.