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JV “Gladiator” on: July 24, 2017, 22:06

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It seems to be a trend between the two group that when a musician(including Wenge FG reserves) quits, they tend to join Wenge Ferre Gola or Jet7. Looking at Jet7 musician who left...most got kicked out by Ferre himself, while Wenge FG people just get fed up of being wasted or not being rewarded for their hard work. What amazes me is how a musician can one day praise the hell out of his boss and then you see them join another group and completely bash the old boss and pretend like nothing ever happened...for example Chikito, who doesn't know how small he was when Ferre found him and took him to europe and changed his life but look now. The only musician of Jet7 who in recent year joined Wenge FG didn't diss Ferre and has benefited from his humbleness is Nicodem but the rest we all know how it turned up for them...but looking at the recent recruits from Jet7 by WFG, they seem to not have learned from the past and want to diss their old group to be accepted in Wenge FG..with that being said, how many of these musician do you lot think will actually succeed and stay longer than a year?

1. Djanny Atula: i find his voice annoying and looking at the recent La Zamba test, he tends to over do the lil crying style he loves and struggling to stay in tune...I think he will start off strong like Arnake did but disappear.

2. Mathy Degaule: Perfect replacement for Olivier and Mabiala and a damn good singer but his looks and lack of dance will be his downfall and will find himself in the same situation as he had in Jet7.

3. Rize ya Gola: Good singer but just like Degaule,  lack of dance will be his downfall.

4. Chikito: Talented, excellent singer and dancer and knows how to talk...seems a perfect musician for Wenge FG...of all the ex Jet7 musicians who have joined Wenge FG i see him being the most successful of them all.

On a different note...I'm surprised Tupac Orden de Nuance hasn't joined WFG or any group yet....Archos you have any news on him?

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dany #1 on: July 24, 2017, 23:54

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I'm confused with your thread.....which group is Wenge ferre Gola?? You raised some good points but you lost me....

Jdog #2 on: July 25, 2017, 00:10

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Jenny's crying style of singing does get annoying at times, Arnake never disappeared he just left on his own even when he was in the first team. Degaulle and Rhize need to get better at dancing.
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Nkosi #3 on: July 25, 2017, 06:59

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No matter how much we lament, that's the way it is.  In clan wenge mm of which ferre is part,  there is mobility.  Musicians understand better why they leave.  WMM still remains the best platform for career growth.  It can't even be compared to its offsprings like Jetset and others. Numbers and facts don't lie.  Of those that left Ferre, how many are doing fine?  I can mention of Heritier,  Fabregas and Robinho. These were with Werra at a time Ferre had a full blown band.  How many Ferre offsprings are as successful as Fabregas? Wenge MM is the best platform and they will keep flocking there. The situation is actually not different when it comes to leaving Ferre. Some leave own their own while others start misbehaving when they are fed up.  In terms of how good they are,  not long ago we heard how people here praised Ferret for having a well polished band and actually called it the real national team of music.  Now that the same chaps have left we hear that they were actually irritating singers??  Really?? We have to accept that Ferre is a good singer but he is as bad as his father Werra when it comes to band management. Actually both don't even pay much attention to these interband movements it's only their cadres who make issues out of it. Let's just appreciate their music and accept we have no control over how they manage their bands.  We also need to appreciate that musicians understand the choices they make.  Good day comrades.

SYMPLICITY #4 on: July 25, 2017, 07:37

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Well put Comrade Nkosi...