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First of all i would like to start by thanking how ever created this forum because I have missed vibesafrique dearly now if you remember on vibesafrique blog I was also involved.

Now I have read some the topics on this forum and I like to know ADOLPHE DOMINGUEZ's biography for example how archos and DJ SLY did the biography of JB MPIANA AND WERRASON and vibesafrique why shouldn't we find out more ADOLPHE thank you NEWSIDE96!
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adolphe elongo ebondja was born on 19 january 1966,is married to Guigui Kuyenga who he mentions in several songs and father of 4 children,stéphane,adam,helena and thara
he is nicknamed tata mobitch,tata mobimba,cassius clay,trinita bush,big daddy,le grand sapeur du congo,monte carlo
he is the children of a rich businessman(one of the richest back then) and did not become a musician to survive but rather because he was so passionate about it
it is important to mention that adolphe was not in wenge musica from day one of the group
in fact,in the first half of decade 1980-1990 adolphe did not even know any of the wenge musica guys
then in 1985,in the final year of high-school in a school named ITC NGALIEMA,he meets jb mpiana who was fired from his previous school for missing too much classes at the expense of music
Both end up being in the same school group alongside sam tshintu and some other guys who did not become popular musicians but quickly jb introduces adolphe to his friends of wenge musica
at the beginning,some of the group members are skeptical about adolphe's singing ability but jb insists using also the argument that adolphe who was already going often in europe and was a great fan of fashion could provide them brand-new clothes
since wenge musica is inspired from viva la musica and victoria eleison,two groups who had a great focus on fashion,it was important to maintain their spirit in terms of fashion and adolphe was one of those who contributed a lot in that domain in wenge musica
his nickname adolphe dominguez is even inspired by a fashion brand adolfo dominguez he liked to wear
he was then accepted in wenge and contributed like i said earlier and in return he was helped in order to improve as a singer by alain makaba,jb,werra,blaise,masela
so,he joined wenge when they were still schoolboys,then he went to europe again when he got his final exam of high schoolto study management
he kept coming and going during his holidays,while the group was becoming more and more professional and popular,then a massive blow strikes the group in 1990
in fact during summer holiday of 1990,adolphe returns to kinshasa to perform with the group,and a big dram happens with the death of the group's mi-soloist blaise kombo classmate of werrason
official version says that it was a normal accident which happened due to lack of light in the street it happened and extreme speed of the driver
second version(partly confirmed by adolphe himself in a video i posted recently) is that it's jb mpiana and werrason who sacrificed blaise kombo for the success of the group
according to that version,the plan was that whoever steps into stage for that concert the first dies,and that adolphe could have been that person,had him not been told by jb to wait for instrumentists to go on stage first,and that's why blaise who was the first to go died(drummer maradona leaves the group after that drama,fearing he would be next in line after he heard about the plan)
after that drama,the group continued its impressive rise and adolphe went back to europe
1990 is also the year of first attempt of wenge musica to perform in europe and its only partly succesful as only few musicians of the group could travel
in fact,the whole group was meant to travel with false visas,and some of the minor members of the group are sent to test it and it works out well for them(singer ricoco,and drummer pipo)
then the group of leaders try their luck but are arrested
meanwhile,adolphe joins them to rehearse and form what will later become  wenge el paris(after marie paul leaves wenge when they finally arrive in europe)
once wenge musica is in europe,adolphe rejoins them at concerts and after their succesful tour marked by recording of album kin e bouger,adolphe decides to follow the group in kinshasa on insistance of his friend jb
adolphe's return in the group,brings two songwriters completely external to the group,pascal poba a former classmate and the young boguys bompema who will help the group reach a higher stage in terms of compoisition
its also important to mention that in those early years of wenge,adolphe was appearing on tv with his idol defao as a dancer
talking about dance,adolphe adds some spice in wenge(s singers lineup with his original dance moves mixed with a bit of comedy(inspired of defao)
apart from his dancing skills,adolphe also becomes a key singer of wenge and one of the administrators
his first song in 1993,voyage from album kalayi boeing is today one of the classics of congolese music
one year later,his second song la vie in album hi ho ha new image is once again a great success and then three years later he releases la vérité,most known as rocco martini,in album pentagone
from all albums since he is a permanent member of wenge musica, the only album where he did not put a song is album plein feux,which has songs from the 80's recorded in 1992 but released in 1996
those songs were done when he was not a permanent members,his regularity in terms of songs once he permanently joins the group shows the growing influence he has in the group
 as a symbol of his importance, he was even given the unofficial of vice-president of the group
but album pentagone marks the debut of a very big tension among the administrators of the group,several reunions are organized by older artists of congo to solve the problems but still no solution is found
the group is then separated in two camps,those who followed jb and the three administrators who did not follow him(adolphe,werra,masela) but adolphe and masela are still hopeful of a solution to be found whereas jb blaise and makaba already had their mind firmly set on life after wenge musica
once jb and co gave a clear position,adolphe motivated werra and masela to continue their career,and starts organising everything for a future group with the help of his imposing fan club which was represented on tv by sankara de nkuta
wenge musica maison mere then starts with adolphe,werra and masela co-leading the group but quickly,like in the rival group wenge bcbg,leadership war appears and becomes stronger and stronger
adolphe's reluctance to wear uniform like a simple musician at bercy concert of werrason and wenge musica maison mere and not wenge musica maison mere alone anymore(even though he finally wears military uniform at some pôint) takes his leadership conflict to another level
from then,werra decides to cope with the groups finances himself despite adolphe being named financial director and big amounts of money are received by werra in the name of the group without ever telling it to adolphe and he sees it like a backstabbing
in 2001,he finally leaves wenge maison mere but some musicians who are not happy about the treatment werra gave him want to follow him:singers adjani,serge mabiala,didier lacoste and soloist japonais,atalaku celeo is also suspected to join that list since he joined maison emre through adolphe
But only lacoste follows him aswell as reserve singer chibida dumbu,it is the birth of adolphe's group wenge tonya tonya
an intense serie of tests is done to recruit musicians 800 musicians are tested but 25 remain in the group when it is presented officially

(continues below)
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continue archos, in fact that album solo la bien if you're keen you could see Adolphe was not happy and Wera seemed to had regarded him little like any other member.
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Good work ARCHOS. We are waiting for the remaining part., Very informative piece
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dolphe starts his solo career in february 2001,having like i said earlier picked 25 musicians out of over 800,those 25 were picked in kinshasa and brazzaville
he starts his career with the fierce motivation of proving a point to werrason
two weeks after his announcement of the birth of his group wenge tonya tonya,adolphe comes back to kinshasa(most of the recruiting was not done by him) to prepare for his first concert
the group rehearses intensively for 9 days and adolphe announces on tv the group is ready and he is sure they will play in front of a huge crowd
it is exactly what happens that day of March in the quarter of Matonge,without an album to their name,adolphe and his group play in front of a huge crowd,similar to those who already had olympia,bercy and several albums to their name
adolphe is so sure  of himself and determined after that succesful concert that he straight away announces he has managed to get a contract for a concert at the mythic hall of olympia in september
all the next concerts in kinshasa are also succesful,and motivate producers to contact adolphe for his album
in fact,adolphe during his concerts announces in his concerts he starts preparing album "affaire ya tonya tonya",among them adolphe finally choses producer jacko sayala
jacko sayala convinces him to sign a 10-year contract as he sees in adolphe a massive potential following his impressive start
but problems appears as producer takes too much time to pay studio fees,adolphe is so motivated and determined that he decides to pay himself
meanwhile he continues his tremendous rise,the bigger venues he plays at the bigger crowds he gets,which is a sign of his growing popularity
less than two months after his debut, adolphe silenced many critics and started being respected as a big leader
adolphe decides challenging his friends jb and werrason by playing in areas of kinshasa where they have more fans than any other artist,and as in his first concerts it is a success
he is so overwhelmed that he plans going to play in both respective native regions to prove them he is stronger or equal to them in their own area
he gets a contract for a concert in mbuji mayi in the region of kasai(the region of jb) and once again he surprises with a huge crowd whereas fans where focused on jb-werra rivalry
then after,he returns to kinshasa to perform at the mythic studio of national tv (mama angebi)
adolphe is now taken seriously by other musicians especially werrason,there is polemic on tvs especially by spokesmen sankara  and mbonzo
he even plans to upset werra's concert at stade des martyrs by planning a concert the same day in the other big stadium of kinshasa,stade tata raphael
to make his chances bigger against werra,he gets closer to jb so that his fans plus jb's fans fill that stadium
some members of his administration reveals his strategic plans for that concert to werra's staff,in exchange of an important amount of money and adolphe straight away fires them when he hears about it
nevertheless,while preparing album and that big concert plus the concert of olympia,another european contract arrives,for the hall of LSC in paris
his wife decides to fire the 8 female dancers of the group as she suspect them of flirting with her husband and also wants to kick out of the group the non-swahili speakers(all those who are not from adolphe's region)
this leads to a crisis in the group,all this few days before the release of the album but adolphe manages more or less to sort it out
the group then goes on europe tour and once again great success,at olympia and lsc during summer 2001 while the group's album 'affaire ya tonya tonya" is released and the song"irene mokabila"(madame shella mputu) is a big hit
all the targets are fully achieved except the face-to face concert with werra but the group is voted as revelation of the year and adolphe third star of the year behind jb werra ex-aequo and in front of felix wazekwa
the group starts planning the second album "mouna" then comes in europe again for concerts in belgium,netherlands,sweden,danemark....and is the first congolese artist ever to perform at a concert hall called Pyramide in Brussels
but trouble appears again in the group during recording sessions of mouna,many musicians are suspected of remaining in europe at the end of the tour and didier lacoste starts being out of favour as he is said to be in negotiations for a return in maison mere
plus adolphe does not support lacoste making decisions for the group on his back and contesting his authority
the group had also changed producer as jacko sayala did not respect most of what was agreed in the contract
shortly after the release of album mouna,didier lacoste leaves and return to maison mere
it is a huge blow for the group,as lacoste was the key figure of the group and the most popular among fans
the return of lacoste makes conflict between adolphe and werra even more intense and there are several fights between maison mere and tonya tonya musicians
 a strong dispute happen during the tv show of journalist djo k kabengele between both camps,he decides cutting the show and showing clips so that people do not hear the bad words exchanged,he does his best to calm both camps
but once maison mere guys are out,they are given an hostile reception by tonya tonya fans
meanwhile a group of maison mere fans come there for revenge but djo k manages to calm both parts again
both groups escape a 6month ban due to djo k writing an apology letter to authorities
when werra announces the concert of double zenith,adolphe manages to get contracts in paris for the same date
he ends up playing but with less success than the beginning,maison mere having upped considerably their level while tonya tonya went into a year of internal conflicts made the challenge impossible for adolphe
this was also one of the last europe tours of adolphe,who lost several musicians in europe,those who see europe like heaven
those massive departures create big trouble for adolphe in front of authorities,he is denied visas several times
he then chooses going on african tour for most of 2002 year
then he gets 19 visas in 2003 for euro-american tour,but the group's popularity is getting lower and lower
he has a couple of concerts but returns earlier than expected thinking about a big concert in zenith for the end of the year to boost the group's popularity
once in kinshasa,he tries getting a contract with brewery company skol but is denied due to his rivalry with werrason,he also tries with primus but his difficult year and half made them refuse
the concert in zenith is his last hope so he puts all his energy to prepare that concert and realise a third album "affaire nana" but is facing a new rival,koffi olomide
in fact,adolphe recruited a dancer koffi had fired so koffi wanted revenge and promised to destroy tonya tonya
all the remaining musicians are contacted and atalaku washington joins koffi,the other rival gets singer gianfranco who is renamed jitrois,shela mputu seeing the group is in trouble tries joining wenge bcbg but jb refuses to betray his friend adolphe
and then another blow for the group,following papa wemba's arrest,congolese artists are given a strict treatment by french authorities and visas are denied and adolphe is asked 200 000 dollars which he will lose if everone of his musicians leave once in europe
but that's a double challenge,not only its a lot of money but also adolphe has no guarantee about all the group going back to kinshasa seeing the internal problems of the group
adolphe loses then his last major member,licha shombo who prefers going to the group of feliw wazekwa
its the beginning of a massive downfall for adolphe dominguez,he is having less and less concerts and crowds are getting smaller and smaller
adolphe decides  settling in south africa,and focus on some other activities than music
in fact he owns two big clothe companies and is building a big hotel
on the musical side,his album 25 minutes,suspension and untouchable(from 2004 to2013° are not far from being flops
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Thank you archos for the biography, Adolphe caused fear to Werra & Maison Mere especially in 2001 to 2002, It even caused fear to werra's first solo album promotion and the squad was so strong with lacoste, jitrois, shella, papillion and co. they were talented but who did the initial recruitment because i remember some early concerts and repetition of Wenge tonya-tonya lacoste was not even there and other members were there like Michel Bass, Brigade and Kerozene (note Petit-Momie animation call was used by tonya-tonya before even it was used in Q.Latin) and some which were in werra's first solo album like (Eh Wenge and Bill's Ndombe animation call so i was wandering were the more musicians that left before the initial start of the group officially.
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The recruitment was done by eldorado and some other guys from adolphe's staff of then
those animations bill did belong to singer chibida who was in maison mere reserve just before tonya tonya
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...from 2.25, Tonya tonya was fire...[video][/video]
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You do not beat a drum with one finger

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<cite>@KAISARI said:</cite>
...from 2.25, Tonya tonya was fire...[video][/video]

Systeme ya Virgule...
Where are Petit Chirac and Washington now ??
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archos #9 on: September 25, 2013, 17:48

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chirac and washington are in angola were they play as free agents with congolese artists who tour there
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who was that rapper? he sounds like Roi David.
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