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Would the atalaku Washington be considered a tenorist or a falsetto atalaku? He doesn't have too rough of a voice compared to Kerozene, but his voice isn't as melodic as Brigade or CNN.

In my opinion, Gesac was the worst atalaku that Quartier Latin ever recruited. Given his resume, people had high expectations when Koffi poached him from Wazekwa but he just screamed "c'est le moment" and gave Mopao that "Sarkozy" nickname...other than that, dude was trash.

He's a tenorist. I think that you didn't listen well to Mouna and Affaire Tonya Tonya. Listen to the winner of the Fara fara-compilation of 2002.

That's not true. Gessac came with multiple cries "Muasi wana, Kimbiolongo, Batikala mpiaka, Mutshopo, etc." between 2007-2009. The problem was just that Koffi took 1,5 year to  to release B.E.K. since Gessac's arrival, Koffi starting then also to perform less and less sebenes in concerts, started to do often those acoustique-concerts An another thing was that Gessac came in the era that people started to be tired of falsetto atalaku's since 2005-06, wanting to see bandleaders to promote more rumba and hear them sing instead of letting the atalaku's doing all the work and the musicians with their little vocals. This while between 2001-2004 people were liking the way atalaku's were screaming like they wanting to eat the mic hahahahaha (Acide and Gessac were champions of it) matoyi pasi hahahaha. Then before releasing BEK, Koffi started already to unsettle Gessac and humilating him in the press by keeping saying everytime that Bill Clinton is the best atalaku in the world. Paulin Mukendi was confronting him with that by asking why he never praise Gessac and his own atalaku's, but Koffi defended himself like a professional lawyer. Then after that Koffi left him behind for Zenith 2009 , just to humilate him and the former Wazekwa musicians (Joss Diena, Gabanna & Hono Kapanga. Koffi brought then the atalaku Pepic Mbasu to Zenith who wasn't putting alot of effort like Mukusa ya Mbwa (he was pissed off and tried to join Maison Mere)  and Gessac. Gabanna decided then to leave because it was to much for him. But Gessac's love for Koffi was to big and he had still hope and tought that he would have some space on Skol Madramanda, but Koffi prefered to use his newly recruited atalaku's Ordinateur and Rossignol (one of the original creators of Sima Ekoli). Joss Diena decided then to leave, because of not having a song nor a little vocal in the EP. But Gessac was still there and participated to Quartier Latin's 23th birthday (Ahwn that duo was so noisy with Ordinateur, to much noise). Then atalaku's who wanted to get his place started to gossip that Gessac was about to join Joss Diena, which wasn't even true. But Koffi believed that so his behaviour towards Gessac, so Gessac decided to leave and join Joss Diena like Hono Kapanga who also left on the same moment because of the same reasons.

Gessac is one of the rare atalaku's in history to join a band and make the world immediately with one crie (C'est le moment). They after that he joined Quartier Latin to Abidjan and he became the star there. With his crie being copied by those Coupe Decale-DJ's and a based journalist of Radio Nostalgie Eric Didia aka Robert Levy Provencal inviting him for an featering (he's also a singer). I can't find the link. The song had then some succes in Abidjan.

from 1:30min

Napoleon (aka Golbert) will stay the worst atalaku in the history of QL. He wasn't productive, wasn't able to come with cries that convince people and was only responding to the cries of Brigade and Apocalyps by everything screaming "nianana, lelele" which he's doing until this day. Watch all those concerts of 2004 until 2006 and you will understand. He hadn't cries that were really convincing people and he started to animate Kerozene's cries in concert at some point, that of Gentamicine in Bolongowani (to mema kilo), his old crie "Honorina Muana" which he used to animate in Delta Force and also when he joined Maison Mere. He was also often quiet in front of Brigade, Apocalyps and Mukusa Ya Mbwa. His only crie that convinced people was "muana mobali ya mukuse, pesa ye muasi ya mokuse bonioma", but when Quartier Latin came to Europe they erased that part and Apocalyps animated it but then in his own way. After Apocalyps & Brigade's departure he could get his place and became an atalaku duo with Mboshi, but his cries were still not convincing and it made those Les Mineurs-atalaku's getting his place. In the Swi-single they didn't give him a chance to do a crie. So he say that his time in Quartie Latin was over and decided to join Doudou Copa's band.

from 28:27 min