Author Topic: AN INTERVIEW WITH FELLY DIMBEDI TYSON  (Read 1858 times)

archos on: June 02, 2015, 10:37

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he says he started in a street group in yolo (with shella mputu) then he went for a test in quartier latin when the guy who played lead had left and koffi accepted him straight away as he knew all songs already and  two days after test he was on stage at grand hotel,he joined in 1992
he had four songs in quartier latin sheraton, arche de noé,je t en prie and martens
he is asked why he has not gone solo with all his experience and he says its not everybody who is born to be a leader so he prefers being in a group
he has a lot of respect for koffi so he wont explain why he left koffi,it will remain forever a secret between both of them
 about joining fally, he says it was natural since he played droit chemin's generique,and they were very close in their quartier latin days
journalist asks him why he did not join a wenge instead of joining fally, he says  it would have been like starting life over,because he would have to learn a completely different philosophy whereas with fally its still the style of quartier latin and he does not mind the fact he is older than his boss,because in music all what matters is having a good collaboration
he thanks fally for opportunity of group album because he was not expecting that at all when he joined the group, he thought they would only be there to do fally's albums and that it has got a good reception
he appreciate all soloists but his idol is beniko popolipo
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