Author Topic: Archive; When Papy Kakol called Koffi Olomide Koko Ntiri Ntiri (2009)  (Read 134 times)

mvulusi96 on: March 12, 2019, 13:20

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after being arrested at the airport of Brussels when they came for the mixing of Techno Malewa (vol. 1). Because of getting a call from people that they brought ngulu's instead of musicians. Btw it was the trip when Chrisitan Bombolo (aka Christian Solo) decided to ran away and stay in Europe. Before that Papy Kakol made many interviews in Kinshasa, attacking Koffi Olomide and calling him Koko Ntiri Ntiri which made Koffi very furious in private. With Koffi deciding to sue him, so that they could arrest him nad humilate him, but it didn't happen.