SLY PAPA NA KEVIN on: February 15, 2014, 10:51

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If my translation is right,he says it was in 2002 that he was recruited by one of Quartier Latin's guitarists in Kinshasa, at the time, Koffi and his band were in Europe a concert round promoting the album Effrakata with the likes of Fally,Jypson, Lola Muana etc.

When asked why he never sang on many songs despite having been with the band for a long time, he says he has no clue but hints that it's Koffi himself who chose to ignore him for unknown reasons. Later in the interview he reveals that there was a rumour that he Asso was dating a Quartier Latin dancer(something he says Koffi does not allow) so it was at this point that Koffi started ignoring him and kicked him out eventually and that's when he briefly joined Wenge Maison Mére were it is likely he was recruited just to piss of koffi as he was put on bench and his new colleagues didn't seem happy that a QL child was with them but luckily, the dancer Koffi believed was dating Asso gave birth and moved on with her man and that's when koffi realised his mistake and called back Asso.
Asso rejoined QL and got a long well with the new singer who he treated like a young sister and it's through her that he was fighting to get some lines on songs as Koffi didn't seem to want Asso to record on his albums despite having taken Asso to Europe twice with QL and it's during those tours that QL was recording and Asso had many people who wanted to give him money for mabanga and they looked after him well whilst in Europe on tour with QL but alas, he was never allowed to record with the band.

Later, Asso was confronted by Koffi who accused him of trying to ''hit'' out with his woman, Asso asked that he can never go for someone he considers like the mother of the band( Asso thought Koffi was on about his official wife) but Koffi clarified that it was Cindy he was on about!!  ;D 
Asso denied the rumours in Koffi's face and he thought it was all over so once again,he was completely ignored by Koffi and it was at that point he thought enough was enough and he decided to move on, he quit Quartier Latin.

Asso is now preparing an album which he's yet to name.

Hope others listen and clarify the story if my translation is wrong.