Author Topic: BERCY MWANA SAID NSONE DOESN'T PAY  (Read 5369 times)

archos #15 on: August 25, 2016, 15:44

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Ending salary would make no sense, because a lot of people from other fields of work still have salary even though their stuff is copyrighted, the admins are wrong for keeping money for themselves and not giving the musicians. And why is it you have to be on good terms with them when they are not the boss. And if the bandmembers want European papers what is the problem since many of them have kids in Europe already. The musicians need to get payed what they deserve!

yes you know some musicians even had kids born in europe before going to europe themselves( the generation of djino,fudji,abraham for example)
congolese music is like army especially if its not a group of friends,you have to obey to the boss or the rest of the guys in his system
you'd be shocked for the silly reasons many guys were forced out of groups for because it happened with somebody who has some authority in the group
this is one of the reasons young musicians are rushing to be leaders so that they can all "feel that power" of having people bowing to them,getting dancers to sleep with them very easily just by a sign of the hand and so on