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heritier bondongo kabeya was born on 29th of august in 1982 in kinshasa,he is engaged to lolotte molicho and father of 2 children,heritiana diorella ciara and  brooklyn beckham but with different mothers
he used to be member of a judo club in the area of kasavubu in kinshasa alongside the likes of oliviera, atshuda and also played football as a striker in quarter teams
 heritier is a huge fan of real madrid and of congolese team of daring clup motema pembe
before being,a professional musician, he was studying in order fo become a chartered accountant but did not start university years which would have lead to the final diploma,but he plans to restart classes to get that diploma
heritier the man is somebody calm and funny, a very good friend according to his close friends who would not let you down if you are in trouble
also he is passionate about politics and sometimes participates to activites of the youth section of a certain party,unnecessary to mention
then there is heritier  the musician who is heavily influenced by american hip hop artists and their ghetto/star attitude,is sometimes seen as arrogant and troublesome as can testify the big amount of fights  he was involved in in his first maison mere years
but apart that side,he is also a very very professional and hard working guy,who had every reason to get complacent for a while  but who on contrary improves in certain aspects


heritier has a vast number of role models but three stand out from the rest,debaba,papa wemba and jb mpiana,like himself said in some interviews you can wake him up anytime and ask him to sing their songs he would not forget the lyrics
he learns his first lessons of singing at church aged 10,at parish saint francois of kintambo in kinshasa,alongside his good friend comedian sai sai and guitarist patou solo who was directing the youth section of the choir
but at that time he favours much more football and judo,but the more time goes on the more he starts getting close to musicians and especially in the quarter of kintambo
in fact,when turning 14 he starts getting closer to  kakol and fila basele who live like two or three roads far from him,and later attends rehearsals of the group which was then composed of doudou kibinda,fila basele,seguin mignon,kakol,thierry synthé,blanchard mosaka,myjo synthé,fally...but is there mainly as a spectator or sometimes carries some of their instruments
one day,after a reheasal he steps at one microphone and starts singing,and fila basele who is next to him appreciates and from then he starts rehearsing a bit with them but was not participating to concerts
even though he spends much time in the streets his parents especially his mother want him to continue having good results at school
 he is even beaten one day for having slept outside home to attend a concert as a spectator,but in the quarter he is starting to earn a certain reputation as a promising singer and in 1998,one of his "big brothers" of the quarter,named alain chinois introduced him to alain mpela,through his brother seguin
alain mpela abandons what he was doing at that moment just to take heritier to jb mpiana's house,he is tested on the songs mulolo and nazareth
but his parents do not know yet he has joined a professional group, he is secretly taken to alain mpela's house and goes back home after reheasals
and while he attends bcbg's rehearsals he is under responsability of alain mpela and kibens who take him as their own brother
few weeks after,he makes a surprise appearance on tv,sat on jb's legs(he was stil very short)but does not talk or sing during the interview
he starts participating to bcbg concerts sometimes,where he sings the first and last song,alongside kibens,rio,didi kalombo and sakoko the first members of the junior group of bcbg,PPU
but after few concerts,jb decides to sideline him so that he can focus on school and finish high school then  becoming a regular in bcbg,because he does not want to be seen as having "spoilt" the youngster( did  similar thing much later with petit obama)   
while he is back home focusing on school,and singing in street groups, he is spotted by a friend of werrason who will introduce him to werra

next step his maison mere career (continues below) (
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 :) Nice one archos thanks
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Thanks a lot and continue with it.
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I taught Heritier was married? Heritier aza mutu ya PPRD??
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not yet married,,just the traditional way(mariage coutumier); and as for the party its the one of bemba
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Oh okay good he's with the right party.
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...The Chosen one; good read...
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 i  am  finishing wata's bio right now slowly(working at the same time lol) should be ready tonight no matter the hour
 stay tuned
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in 1999,while bcbg are on zenith tour and with the plan of slowly getting heritier into first team,he is spotted  by a friend of werrason who brings him to werra's house and werra is impressed but notices heritier's voice is still very raw and he does not have stamina when he sings several songs
 he decides going to see heritier's parents in order to tell them he wants to have him at home but promises them he would still go at school so they agree to let him go to werra's house
 from then werra treats him like his own child, sending him to good schools,punishing him when he does bad things( at that age between 16 and 18 heritier  was quite into street life so he used  to come back home several hours after finishing classes because he was hanging out with the street gangsters,ba yaya like  they are called in lingala)
 he is then trained slowly to get his voice more mature in order to be ready to be a regular group member
in 2000,training is more intense as there is a possibility that he enters the list for bercy concert,unfortunately for him the day the group is flying to paris via brazza,he is left behind in brazza with the sick guitarist patient kusangila
when the group is back he participates to underground preparation of werra's first solo album kibuisa mpimpa but when the group goes to europe to record he misses out as he prepares his final exams of high school,at the school ISIPA (they promoted in single education)
his parts are then interpreted by ferré chair de poule,aimelia,adjani the other tenorists of the group,but despite missing those two europe tours he starts to get some popularity in europe as he is shown in cassettes of interviews in kinshasa which are sold in europe
one year later,once he is done with school(at least before university),he is on the list for double zenith and shines,a congolese journalist based in europe even predicts a huge future for him while interviewing werra and his chef d orchestre ferré
he participates in almost all songs of the group album either in chorus or vocals and impresses even more as public finally gets several opportunities to listen to his voice
from then he becomes a regular first team and slowly getting close to the much important left and right side microphones next to the band leader
he tours everywhere with the group africa europe and the important concerts of DRC like stade des martyr,grand hotel...
in 2004,when the group is in UK and several musicians plan to leave the group as they have already thought about 3 years ago heritier is also close to follow them but remains with werra as like he explains in interviews he owes too much to werra to let him down like that
with the departure of ferré and co,heritier gets and even bigger role in the group and singers lineup,he participates to maxi single alerte generale with the group and just later in werra's second solo album  temoignage where he even co-leads the song demi-tour instead of ferré gone with other friends to create les marquis
he also  has a much controversial vocal in the song temoignage refering to the song mulolo of wenge musica 4X4
one year later he participates with the group in  maxi single sous sol and confirms himself even more in tours  as the now most popular figure of maison mere besides werrason himself
two years later when the group records album temp présent mayi ya sika,heritier gets his first song which should have already been in sous sol but werra preferred sticking to 5 songs
this first song was confession intime but as an important group member he also adds a second song sol de mi amor
he is the leader singer on stage of zenith in 2008 before werra comes on stage,showing his growing influence in the group
one year after that,when the group releases part 1 of album malewa,heritier releases song par amour,which is a good song but he is often told by journalists that those three songs he had released could have had much more success if he did not use to much complicated sentences and french which made it hard for the " people" in kinshasa to really appreciate them(apparently easier for those who have a high school level and are office workers and stuff like that)
to those remarks he answers "if my next song is not a big hit, you can cut my arm if you want"
two years later in the vol 2 of malewa,his two songs le prince de la ville(given by werra) and remise et reprise are the biggest hits of that album
three years later,the group is set to release group album fleche ingeta where heritier also has two songs and promises to do even better than the previous songs of malewa 2
besides his career as group member,heritier was also promised an album by werrason and  has a settled contract with ivorian producer david monsoh and is already halfway through the recording,but insists he won't stab werra in the back  by leaving suddenly because of that album,but several rumors expect him to leave the group to go solo just after ingeta
ime will tell...
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The group returned to Kinshasa after the Bercy concert ? I thought that they started te record Kibuisa after this show ?
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The group returned to Kinshasa after the Bercy concert ? I thought that they started te record Kibuisa after this show ?

 they went to kinshasa quickly then on african tour especially in east africa i think where most of the musicians even threatened not to record it and then they returned to europe at the end
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Thank you Archos for this biography, and I think will leave after Ingeta there is no reason why he should stay even longer.