archos #15 on: October 21, 2014, 08:26

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yeah also they even bring their competition to funerals as some  make spectacular arrivals and actually call to know if x or y is already there and if the crowd is very big enough so they can catch attention when they arrive(happened recently at kester and rochereau funerals for example)

Which artists did that?

wow straight away like that i am not having names but it was actually reported even by journalists especially at madilu funeral aswell
wazekwa also openly complained about that from his colleagues,and this is what inspired his proverb "strategie eleka té "

KAISARI #16 on: October 21, 2014, 13:19

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...Musicians are easy targets last time when Fally and Bill showed up to view Ley at the mortuary they were attacked for their attire...
You do not beat a drum with one finger

Djodjo B #17 on: October 22, 2014, 13:24

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the part about money in funerals is that many artists rush to funerals when they hear governement or kimbuta has allocate a certain amount of money
 she did acknowledge both the fact guys in europe did something and the fact koffi paid for his funerals,but she said something true
 musicians are the only category of public people who very very very often miss even the body arrival
in all other corporations of public people there are people who do not miss any second of funeral and without any interest
and this is what makes their attitude at funerals looking fake because they only come to reunions about money allocated to organization so they can ask for money to authorities,some even actually sign contracts to perform at funerals then they come like heroes as usual with crowds ecstatic about their presence
 i think that's what carine is angry about,would have been nice to see at very very very least one musician
those are the things which are tarnishing musicians' reputation
koffi contributed nothing in his arrival to drc and angola people said it themselves that they did it on their own by contributing each a part of the money required,what he did was paying  a part for the place where his body will be exposed the day of funerals
i think she just threw names randomly to say that there was zero musicians,from the group  leaders to their 5th team reserve singers, zero

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SLY PAPA NA KEVIN #18 on: October 22, 2014, 13:47

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People die, life has to go on. The habit of crippling all economic & social functioning by downing tools for weeks while mourning a dead person is rubbish. Why should musicians be expected to troop down to a morgue to wait for a dead body? They will go to the funeral & thats enough.
We are talking about culture and tradition here Maitre Werra, you and I know that it's difficult to change these and where a majority of people are uneducated or lack understanding, what has happened is a bit odd as normally when a musician's body comes back, musicians and the like are there in numbers to receive, whether that is important is for another argument however the fact remains whenever a popular musician dies there's always a standstill in music and not the economy as a whole, we remain Africans and some thing will never change no matter how much we try to change them.
Had it been a big and rich musician, the whole of Kinshasa would have been there.