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archos #15 on: July 26, 2014, 16:43

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in 2001 2002 alain mpela is almost the second band leader as he sometimes signs contracts with jb,or signs a separate contract to jb's one as jb wants to advantage him a lot over the rest of group members
 in september 2001  he participates to concert of bercy despite having  caught a strong flu on morning and also contributes in bringing in donors and sponsors to the group,especially in western africa where he is really appreciated for his dancing skills
in 2002 2003 when bcbg plans recording album anti terro he is given opportunity to add 6 songs first,then later 4 to accomodate other group members
the group starts recording album in paris and in kinshasa and continuing to perform at concerts
but alain mpela is approached with insistance by koffi olomide who is in open conflict with jb mpiana and jb is informed and even catchs a call from koffi as he took alain's phone during a rehearsal and carefully listens to what koffi says and a serious argument happoens after that call
 from then, alain's songs are not played anymore at concerts,his entrance "anthem" neither and he is not anymore respected by some of the colleagues who contribute to unsettle him to prove their love to their boss,is set to be given undetermined suspension but his brother seguin tells him about that and with some other musicians convinces jb to abandon that
he finally decides to leave in october of 2003,and creates his group generation a (initially generation ABBA),heavily funded by koffi olomide who offers him instruments and money for studio fees
he recruits musicians like miel de son,christian solo bombole, dady masudi, mon ami guelor,mirage supersonic and co(with musicians like brigade,demukuse roi david for example alos participating to first rehearsals) and tries to lure his brother seguin(EMO would have loved that KIE KIE KIE) and his friend tutu caludji into his project but they prefer remaining in bcbg
 alain mpela nicknames himself "roi david,le fondateur de la 5 eme generation" and they record maxi single intifada
one year later,alain mpela records album mortel combat with his brother bouro,with participation from alain makaba and wants to associate seguin to that project(since him, bouro and their young brother kanza who were the active mpela musicians of then ,apart seguin, all participated and alain thought it would be nice that album is a bit like a "family album"
it is acknowledged as a great album but album is not promoted in DRC,only in other countries
after the release of that album,alain is heavily motivated by his other big passion,politics and decides going to university and aims for big diplomas with the project of a future career in politics
he becomes rare on congolese tvs as he  studies in belgium and really make his active return in DRC in 2009 with some concerts in america with his brother bouro
he announces his first solo album fleche empoisonée but once back in congo but once fully back in DRC his political ambitions motivate him to continue studying and he become close to politician josé makila he considers as his mentor
in 2011,he is with fellow musician a candidate at elections to become a deputy but he does not suceed,he then decides to focus more on music but with the project of bouncing back in politics
 he records album between kinshasa,paris and belgium where he works under direction of alain makaba
in 2013,he announces he would feature his ex leader jb mpiana in his album and his idol kester emeneya(who unfortunately dies that year) and is meant to be a surprise guest at  jb's concert of zenith(which did not happen as we all know)
currently he is still sharing his time between school, music and politics and wants to release his album before the end of this year

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Great read Archos and kudos for Mpela for going back to school to no wonder he has such a cool demeanor during tv interviews  to the point of being labelled arrogant.

archos #17 on: July 28, 2014, 12:54

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i forgot to add two things about his career in politics, he declined a role  in ministry of culture since he would not be able to do music,studies and that role at the same time and he plans to go again for deputy role in next election in two years
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thanks archos, I wish this time round this man commit to one thing and bring out the best out of it.