archos on: December 06, 2022, 00:39

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He did an interview where he was saying like he already did several times in years that one should not forget his past,if somebody helped you the minimum you can do is always being grateful for that which people associated to fally since depitcho was a big mentor for fally's arrival and integration in latino, then in that interview he had also said that he is willing to work with any congolese artist on a feat but one thing which he does not like about some is that once they have a success which for most they did not expect they think they are now little gods who are above of the whole world and he hates that so if he wants to work with any artist but he notices that behavior he can lose that desire to still do it because for him music is all about pleasure friendly collaboration mutual respect once again they associated it with fally
but in that same interview he got asked about fally's martyrs and he said he was not bothered to have missed it,in fact he was happy that fally thought about inviting his latino big brothers( all including jipson are older) it was a good symbol
so that interview lead to a lot of backlash to which savanet says that he did not mention anybody or target somebody specially,and that by reacting like that those people are  indirectly saying that they recognize themselves in what he said,because he pointed out at nobody and recognized nobody,and insisted in saying what he had been saying for years that he likes people who can keep their feet on the ground despite fame or money and says that when those whose ego is not handling fame or money well you can see it with them even with the little details like the way they walk the way they talk
i swear these youtube guys are  evil minded the guy literally picks a part where fally walks when depitcho was talking about the that  they cut the reviewing parts before the video starts just when he talks about ferre,i get that they have to attract people's attention but with how us congolese people think thats straight out manipulation at times,many will just make it long story short,he talks bad of fally to please ferre because he said ferre's talent is undeniable or ferre is sending him...

CM PRINCE #1 on: December 06, 2022, 01:42

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Loool people need to leave Depitcho alone. Plus Fally always mentioned Depitcho as his vieux

jeantwatwa #2 on: December 10, 2022, 13:06

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I'm a fan of Depitcho, funny how his voice sometimes sounds like Koffi.