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he tried as much as he could to make the interview focused on promoting his songs,then accepted to answer some things
he said for example that he had a bit of a rant recently because he is fed up with having to answers question about fally in every single interview,they  do not know each other personally but he has utmost respect for fally as one of the big stars of drc and africa but the way journalists constantly ask him is like they want him to say stupid things about fally for their own interest so he had to rant a bit because he is human,it can happen that after being asked it for the millionth time, he answers badly about fally while he has no intention whatsoever to have any problem with fally despite being closer to ferre
he also expressed the same tiredness about questions about fabregas while people know that  they are not getting along anymore but keep asking every single time its annoying and he also indirectly said that one of the artists he has issues with is making plan to physically eliminate him since he failed to erase him from the musical scene,and unfortunately for that person there are always some people who will listen to dark plans but not accept to fully commit on it so it came to his ears and he is ready for the war since its gotten to that level
he was asked about going abroad and his spell in ivory coast for almost a year and he said that it did not go till the end because he refused their condition of sleeping with men and that he still is paying the consequences of the contract till today but thanks to leny bidens its soon coming to an end
he also revealed that when he accepted going back to kin with no money and having to restart fully album with no funds and starting to really struggle very hard( to extent that he was almost kicked of the house he was renting) he was taken by people around him to see a sorcerer who would allegedly give him success and money quick and the guy's condition was that him deplick had to sleep with his own mother  and he said that he'd rather quit music than having to do such things and that it happens that he is approached by sorcerers(who for most of them  completely hide into role of businessmen to lure people you will see them at concerts in bars hotels and think there are bank accountants or whatever) and he once told one of them who was claiming he should make a deal with him and that he is the one who gave success to another congolese artist(fally,and he adds that they all say the same thing i made this or that guy so  you should come to work with me) if you are really that powerful then turn me into an animal and that he gave the key of his car to his friends and said if you see that i have become an animal after he said his spells my mercedes ML is his now  and nothing happened which shows to him that sorcerers are proper clowns
he said that he knows that his career is not going thick and fast  but he has faith that he will come good like people expect,he lets thing go step by step like the plan of God is and he will never get into things to prove somebody because they are mocking him that he is not like that x or y

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Believing in your talent is more powerful than using witchcraft.