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He says he was with fally way before droit chemin and they prepared droit chemin together,they started some little recording in kinshas but most studio guys were fearing koffi to it was difficult so fally decided to record while on quartier latin tour
and fally was always telling him to be ready the day he will have solo career he is an automatic member,and thats what happened and atele and co all arrived after
and he participated in every album and tour around the world until that usa tour where he remained there
he says there was people in the group who did not like him anymore,and he was not even made aware of the tour,and was surprised to see people call him that the group is at airport going somewhere then he called atele it rang he called again it rang he called again he shut phone down,he called fally and fally reacted  like he was influenced by other guys and talked about a paper from embassy which he did not sign and he explained to fally that he knew nothing about it and that the paper thing makes no sense aftr visa was already given and fally ended up understanding that  something happened and told him he'd call him to tell him where to get ticket to join them,and it happens but to his surprise once at airport they say ticket is cancelled,then he called again and one day before concert he took his plane to rejoin the group and he arrived at airport just minutes before concert and nobody was there  then he called fally and the producer sent a taxi to get him and he came and there was no uniform for him which showed how they had completely removed him from plans, then he went at his house after concert as he was not at hotel with the guys,then at next concert he drove to other city, then at third concert he had to take plane as it was too far to drive but something unexpected happen so he could not go and he called fally to explain and tell him that he wants to stay in america to sort out papers as he was already married in kinshasa to a woman of american nationality but fally was reluctant as he still liked him and he tried to think twice about fally's idea to go back to kin then get him a personal visa and he made decision to stay and he thanks fally for after making his decision known to him handing him his passport as when he came he had to give his passport to the group  like every member
he was asked about fally saying he does 80 per cent of the work himself which shocked some people and was seen as belittleing his own musicians and he says people must analyse it based on content and form
for him in form as to say in the global perception of people  fally does even 99 per cent of the job they only play his songs in concerts its his instruments his overall setup,but in form or in reality it tends more to be like 50 50  or 55 for him because fally does not perform alone all instrumentists and singers come with contribution in making him perform And even for his own case when fally was not stepping on stage yet he'd lead songs including at zenith and olympia
he says he is working on album of 10 songs,he has 50 songs but he will release 10 by 10