archos on: October 14, 2020, 13:13

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he is saying that regarde moi comes from impros of maison mere days  which they were doing off stage (whereas there are videos of ferre and zulema and zulema on his own doing it in concerts) and took shot at zulema about how he helped zulema several times with money as he was walking to go home (with his liifestyle he has always used money elsewhere than buying cars,or was giving it as ransom like late babia unfortunately)  and people can see the version he did in 2005  is not exactly similar to the one of ferre and that ferre did a good job on his version and he tries to pretend he does not want polemic with ferre over that and he is surprised with that polemic while he is the one who started it posting his old song and calling himself a genius  just one day after regarde moi
and he says when ferre approached him over that idea of album he found it great and he is claiming tha the is the one who is suggesting to  ferre who to invite or literally deciding
then he talks about innoss b yet again acting like he did nothing and does not want polemic,saying that he advised innoss  not to do polemic with fally in order to be protected by all elders because he knows polemic well when he was doing polemic with elders innocent was surely fishing in his village or maybe not even born and he pretends he never reacts to innoss attacks (while there are videos where he even threaten to go and hunt for him to beat him and warned that after  funerals of his dad he will talk ,which he did by attacking him and making that diss track)

BR #1 on: October 16, 2020, 17:22

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Bill need help I think he isn't okay