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Quite an interesting interview and Serge seems like a very good story teller. The interview mostly a tribute to Josky Kiambukuta.
Short summary:
He talks about how he was recruited as a bassiste in TPOK Jazz in 1992 having been working in the studio of his parents so he was a bit known to the likes of Josky et al even though he was  still young compared to the many members of OK Jazz.
He talks about how in the beginning when it was still OK Jazz they were not playing Franco songs in concerts because of the disagreements that had already started brewing between the hierarchy of the orchestra and Grand Maitre Franco's family about royalties. He says they would only play Franco's songs when Madilu System was around.
He also talked about how Madilu was sent to Europe to go and negotiate the terms of the contract they had were they still had problems on the number of artiste who were to travel. He says when Madilu met the producers in Europe he instead told the producers that OK Jazz was now under his control so they should forget about Ppa Simaro, Josky or Ndombe Opetum. Thats how he organised musicians in europe and played those concerts and upon his return in Kinshasa he was asked about the money since they knew that he had performed to which Madilu said (Serge imitating Madilu's voice :D) he had given the money to Franco's children because they had serious mpiaka at home. Madilu further saying he couldn't let Franco's children be suffering like that so thats how gave them all the monies and thats how Papa Litumba as president let him be. He also says Madilu after his return to europe was wearing just normal clothes not like someone who came back from europe to divert attention to the fact that he ate all the monies he made in europe but that after a week all so he could no longer hide his forme that he came with from europe which raised suspicion and led to his suspension from the group.
Serge also talks about how Papa Simaro was fired from the group by Francos's family at which Vieux Simaro vowed not to do music again as he couldn't stomach the betrayal he was being subjected to having been a loyal number two of Grand Maitre Franco for years till his death. He says after Simaro was suspended, Josky was to become President of OK Jazz with Madilu as Vice President but that Late Josky refused to become president as he couldn't betray his Vieux (Simaro). Thats how most of the senior members sided with Lutumba Simaro apart from Madilu off course. He also says after Lutumba was removed as president Josky, Ndombe and other senior members met and decided to form a new orchestra away from OK Jazz, thats how Bana OK was formed and they asked Papa Lutumba to be president of the group for which he initially refused but after some days he accepted the offer.
He also says in these situations, it shows how loyal Vieux Josky was to his "elder brother" Simaro but somehow that loyalty was not reciprocated to Vieux Josky at some point. He further says every person has their good and bad side and that he experienced the bad side of Vieux Simaro who refused when a certain donor wanted to buy cars for five artistes including Serge who was also to receive a car but that when Ppa Lutumba was told about it, he refused saying they would become big-headed and leave if they get those cars. Thats how they lost out of those free car gifts.
He says he was only able to play for the first time in the album Ingratitude.