Author Topic: Fabregas Le Metis Noir new album Cible Mise En Jour (Target being updated)  (Read 1056 times)

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Cible has been on repeat, I also like the concept of Test.. I've seen that the video for Test was done at La Zamba if true that would be cool. Egoiste is nice I liked how he sung in the beginning. I really didn't hear anything besides the "fiba" part (suck) in Reunion (which actually made feel uncomfortable because that song is dedicated to a guy that would warrant a parental advisory warning.

Fabregas did a Fally to F'Victeam times a 100 because only one person sang in the album, that actually surprised me. I know it's a Fabregas solo album but some features would've been nice because Fabregas isn't the type of singer like Fally where you can listen to most of an album and it not get monotonous.
Do you think it's better than Control?
For Generiques I'll take Cible for Rhumbas I'll take Control.
Fair enough, my only beef with control is the length
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