Author Topic: Werrason interview TV5MONDE  (Read 1608 times)

archos #15 on: November 20, 2020, 12:08

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bro the reason why i said lazy was not the word is that for me lazy is sombebody who does absolutely nothing, while him its that he'll do  something then take ages changeing his mind about it  or  will postpone his recording parts to prioritize  concerts for up to a year
thats why i said difficult,except djino and chai all the singers who left the group had finished their parts  it was just to up to jb to make his mind once and for all and take a damn month finish his parts  mix release,but instead he'd do one two three then come again oh no i did not like that i restart then  feel that he'll do it better in a french studio then waste 6 months in kin concerts then go and do it  go on oh no whats the point of finishing fast  i dont want to release in this context and this and that
 thats the whole story of  the second part of his career,never making quick and firm decisions like his other colleagues
thats why i am saying that  in terms of quantity yes he appears lazy but thats more down to being a too difficult person in terms of choice making ,give the balle de match project to other artists,some would even cancel a year of concerts if needed in order to release album while he'd prefer spending a year performing then advancing on his parts  when he makes for some time his mind then changes it
i fully agree with you bro, he has songs at his disposal already to do like you said maxi singles to promote the young guys,but he always goes for the complicated process of hesitating for years wanting for a unrealistic perfect context,sometimes you have to gamble the way his colleagues do,and jb is  a strong enemy of gamble(even if in itself those 10 years is a sort of gamble but well controled  in order not to  totally sink)

Manzambi94 #16 on: November 20, 2020, 18:33

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lol lazy is not the right word to describe him lol although yes he does not give the impression of somebody who does not give his all into his work,i'd say what suits him more  is overcomplicated every situation which explains his long absence on the market ALL his colleagues from the oldest to the youngest would do things differently for the sake of keeping the career more active

He was saying that balle de match will be released in december 2020 ? Any news bro ?  ;D

HAHAHAHAHAHA I wont risk it again,all i know is that something could still happen by the end of the year

NGL as a hard Werrasonik fan I still want that JB's album a lot and I hope they haven't erased Cellulaire part, but to be honest I think JB will never release it. I gave up

Cavalier Solitaire #17 on: November 26, 2020, 20:35

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So what happens to the people who bought songs, are they also as patient as he wants the fans to be?