archos on: October 10, 2019, 12:49

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somebody called him and said rude things to him and he replies saying the person did not present himself in the first place
and that the person should not he could not care less about koffi,in his two recent interviews he did not talk at all about koffi(despite sites putting titles in the name of koffi and fally for views saying he clashes them which he did not do at all,no even a hidden shot)
and yes he reacted to koffi attacking some politicians and one in particular the former prime minister bruno tshibala and he reacted because he holds great memory of bruno tshibala for how he was pivotal in organizing funerals for his two "fathers" papa wemba and papa lutumba and he also reacted  against koffi when koffi used his influence to get ferre in trouble over premier soin and he could not let his younger brother be embarassed to such a big extent over a rant( from what i heard in the secret of the industry koffi's plan was to get ferre jailed and pay somebody to film him cleaning people's shit in prison and post it to humiliate him like he tried to do with blanchard mosaka)
and he reminded that person that he also expressed openly when asked his opinon about other artists,for example when dakumuda said he switched to being a pastor and that he sacrificed people for success authorities should have called him to question him about the names because those families lost people without knowing how
and he also did same thing with people who are even his friends(for example jb who is probably his closest friend now that papa lutumba is gone,he openly criticized him for refusing to perform at francophony festival in 2012 over a contract he found too low and him wazekwa thought they should have performed even for free as they were representing the country for an event reuniting people from across the world
so that person must not he is not there to be obsessed about koffi,he used to work with koffi and has built his own history,he has now several houses and everything somebody can dream of so he has gone way past that level of  looking for buzz in talking about koffi
and anyways its koffi who came to him in matete to look for reconciliation and take him into maisha park reunions then stabbed him in the back
and koffi is not a good example  to follow anyways  or if he wanted to follow koffi then he'd also be involved in rape affair and beating dancers so they should stop bothering him about koffi(knowing him and judgeing by this rather strong sentence its like he is totally fed up now, i have been lucky to live with him a bit,man receives easily 50 calls  a day and plenty of messages to either ask questions about koffi or insult him about koffi)