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Nzambé ozipa ebalé té kasi ezalaka peto,motema ya moto ozipa boni etonda mbindo boyé
nabotama na mboka moko congo au coeur de l'afrique,congo na biso etonda ba richesse,scandale géologique
congo eza na ba diamant pé na or,zinc cuivre coltan cobalt
kasi na cours ya geographie babosanaki koyebisa nga que congo eza na richesse mosusu kombo motema mabe
 motema mabé ezali kozanga kolimbisa,kozanga bolingo
koyoka motema pasi soki moninga azui
motema mabé ezali koyina sans motif,kotonda jalousie,koboya kofuta moto asali mosala na yé
motema mabé ebandaka tango okomi kobomba bolamu ya baninga(x2

motema mabé ezali koboma bien public,kopanza sango ya lokuta
kokanisela moninga mabé,na likambo asali na yé té

God,You created seas without any roof but its pure and clean,why human heart which is protected by the rest of body is that dirty
i was born in a country named congo,at the heart of africa,our congo is full of richness,a true geological scandal
congo has diamont and gold,zinc,copper,coltan,cobalt
but in geography lessons they forgot to tell me that there is another richness named evilness
evilness is refusing to forgive,lacking the sense of love
to feel bad when another person succeeds
evilness is hating people without any reason,be deeply jealous,refuse to pay somebody who did his job
evilness starts when you do not want to admit good things other people do
evilness is destroying public welfare,spreading fase informations about someone
having bad thoughts about somebody,based on things he did not do
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That one and mimbenga are my favorites....
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let me guess why
the powerful guitars by hono kapanga and animation of gessac :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:
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