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he explained how he was catching dance moves easily from watching cultura rehearsing,then wazekwa said to himself why not making two clips of generique one with him as the star to please children,another with and for adults
but at some point he left the group(he was meant to join another groupwhich made him leave which i prefer not to name lol) and he said he was left abandoned and his family having nothing to eat for days at times so since he was good at football he tried to find a club with the hope of becoming professional but things did not go as he planned and when wazekwa heard that he was struggleing hard he sent dancer mboyo londo to find him and said he'd sent money to play class for him until he graduates and he is giving him money aswell for other things so now he feels like he has a normal life again and he is more than thankful
he was asked whether its true that he became adrug addict like rumors were spread,he said no he has never done drugs or drank alcohol but since he was often with elder brothers from the area who did it people assumed that he did too
he was asked about rumours of witchcraft being behind his downfall and says that he was a little kid back then who was just enjoying life,not particularly understanding certain things,but he remembers that cultura musicians before any rehearsal or concert were uniting in a circle to pray God together before stepping on stage
he revealed also that children of his age in his neighboorhood parents were not allowing him to play with them anymore because they were scared of him now that he was into music,but funnily enough big personalities of the country were sending people to come and pick him to go and play with their children
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