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he has been going to kin for private reasons like recently the death of their sister ninga bongongo but never made tv appearance
and he says he had put music on hold for private reasons,he was going through divorce in europe and he was not in the right mindset to do music and now its settled so he might return soon
he says he left fally because of friendship with equaliseur, he was unsettled because of that and suspicion that he might also seek papers
but he is very grateful to fally for giving him opportunity to travel around the world which he did not have with alain mpela as unfortunately after a good start alain had to go to europe for a while to sort out papers
he says he did animation at stade de france  and zenith with kabuya only because they had already tried it in an african concert where only boussole went fally wanted him to help out in case only one atalaku goes
then when he left koffi sent people to approach him and when he meet koffi he asked for a certain salary different to other guys there  and asked for 2 year contract,and koffi even offered him a car and it all started well and he almost fulfilled the whole contract
he knew already about koffi's troublesome character at times but koffi had reassured him
the first strange thing he saw from koffi was at a concert  he had the note3 phone which was then new and koffi also had it, he gave it to rocky blanchard on stage  to hold it in his pocket for him,when koffi saw that somebody had the same phone as him he took it and smashed it on the floor and destroyed it,but later when he knew it was kanza's phone he paid it back
another thing is when he went to see a donor who koffi did not know he knew before quartier latin(remember latino and fally's group among others have the law that some donors are their private property dont approach them) so it started creating problems for him
then once in abidjan it was one of koffi's first major event abroad for a while,and they went but then for several days musicians had nothing to eat there is a congolese woman who lives in abidjan who was cooking for them who suddenly stopped but then they were hearing that she was still cooking for the dancers and him being an honest guy went to tell koffi " vieux its not because you were hurt by fally bouro jordan or whoever that you had to treat us like that,its inhuman"
then he decided with equaliseur to go back to kinshasa on their own while the other musicians stayed there doing nothing for weeks with koffi doing his high level matolo with ivorian authorities
he did not like how they were abandoned so after confronting koffi he went back to kin,and koffi who still had that grudge decided to ruin his vocal by forcing him to throw in several mabanga names for him and he ended up leaving  one month before end of contract because koffi was not paying him anymore and things were starting to change,but he has a lot of respect to koffi and he jokes that he still can go and collected his missed salaries of last months
he was asked whether he could return to fally's group and he says it would be very very hard almost impossible because now he is not a kid anymore he has responsabilities to handle so it needs amounts of money which they will never agree to give him monthly in any group
he talked also about his project of album libre parcours and franck asks whether it was a way to create polemic with fally and he reminds franck that it is him who came with that name in the group years before that album,so when they took it he wondered if they were taunting him and when he came back to kinshasa few years ago he wanted to still record his libre parcours then he had to meet his brother seguin at a restaurant and there was jb there   and as usual he received something for jb but it will surprise people given how relationship seems to have become between jb and fally, jb openly told him he does not agree with him taking libre parcours even if its his idea since his friends have already done it so him also doing it will be like he is confronting fally and he does not like it fally is still his vieux and he should not go for clash,so he put in on hold
he says in europe he has had to work hard like a random person who is not a musician because he wanted his family and kids especially to be well especially in that tricky situation of divorce and that he did not like the concept of playing in bars for little money,yes he likes music but music is a job not just fun so he can only do music to  earn something proper
he also talked about his relationship with equaliseur turning very ugly to extent that equaliseur mocked him after death of his sister recently and things like that but he does not want to talk much about it because it hurts,he knows it can happen to disagree but not to such extent its not good especially coming from people you see as your own brothers