Author Topic: FERRE DO NOT WANT TO APLOGIZE  (Read 385 times)

Manzambi94 on: May 18, 2018, 10:55

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I really don't know why Ferre is in this things but he really doesn't want to apologize or give any good praise to Brigade he sent two members of his Orchestra to insult him, in Congolese simbology this means that you are so little that I don't even answer you and I let my people kill you with words.
As soon as I opened the video I laughed hard because Brigadiers is waaay more little than Ferre in success so don't need to answer, but I think that Ferre wants to be the absolute boss and will answer whoever who will insult him like he did with Koffi and Fally, I am on noome's side, to me all beefs are stupid Ferre and especially Brigade should focusing only on music.
Most of the things Ferre's musician said are the no one listen to Brigade in Congo, which album he played that got accepted everywhere? He is ungrateful and so on.
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