Author Topic: Under the radar albums  (Read 416 times)

BrazzaBoy on: August 16, 2020, 04:04

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We all know of the more famous albums from the more famous members or ex-members of our beloved groups. Wanted to highlight those albums that go under the radar maybe due to the fact they didnt get enough promotion or the timing at which they came out.

Manda Chante with the album “Je suis” that came out in 2016. Never heard of this album until I randomly fumbled on it. First few songs are okay but the album really hits another dimension starting with Comme Toujours. The following song Socrate is for me the highlight of that album and is followed by 3-4 great songs. All in all I believe it is a very successful album musically speaking.

Also wanted to speak about Celeo Scram with the album “Ici c’est Paris”. I dont remember hearing about it at the time it came out but randomly stumbled upon that one as well and was PLEASANTLY surprised. My favorite songs on there are Wenze ya Minzemba, Amour Chinois and Ambulance.

What are some underground or under the radar albums you guys would recommend ?

Longbluesquid #1 on: August 17, 2020, 12:56

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JC Kibombo - Ntelantela is one. Blaise and Reddy Amisi are featured there too.

We have been getting dry with releases.