Author Topic: FERRE NEEDS TO ORDER HIS GUYS TO STOP THIS  (Read 163 times)

archos on: March 26, 2020, 16:33

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He is already not media friendly and its internet which has taken power over tv customers and people constantly can see how much he struggles to have "stats" of his dimension and the marketing of his dimension, this type of interviews falls too well in the hypocricy which has appeared these years of fans pretending to be anti polemic,sometimes because their artists pretend to be anti polemic,while those artists have around them people doing polemic for the big pleasure of their allegedly anti polemic and too evolved fans
these type of stuff will only end up in comments like "tala batu bazo boma ferre bango yo,tant que afukameli nani oyo te akosala succes te,ye ferre azo mela diamba moninga ye wana akutani na trump trump alobi na ye aza fan na ye depuis bomuana" with 1500 likes 400 kiekiekie obomi nga,oza kanda 50 nini oyo ya mama na yo kosakana na ferre te
ferre needs to learn to play the game,being a wonderful singer is not enough anymore

POLE POSTION #1 on: March 26, 2020, 17:45

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General Fils Kelele well spoken it seems like people want our camp to be silence while others are attacking us forgetting the meaning of Gaulois (a fighter) we do not use the media, Government officials or other people to fight for us hiding behind like saints cause people won't buy into the bull shit like they pay full attention to Ferre's camp.

Fils Kelele did not dwell into Robhino's issue which I like and Armony soon

Berado Prince De Zamunda soon out Base Solid will be back strong the great fighter of Ferre

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