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mvulusi96 on: August 01, 2019, 00:25

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He passed away on 29 July 2019 in Tours (France) after a long period of ilness.

For those who don't know Lutu Mabangu, he came with many concepts for Tele Zaire. Programs like Tele Show, Kin Show, Kin Kiesse, Zaire N1 and Variete Samedi Soir (VSS) were created by him and very succesful during the Zaire-era. Top artists of that era (Luambo Makiadi, Tabu Ley, Lita Bembo, Papa Wemba, King Kester Emeneya, etc.) used then to perform every weekend live on tv at Studio Maman Ngebi and Renapec (which now Studio Ndiaye) for those programs.

He also created the famous show Club des Stars, where stars like J.B. Mpiana, Werrason, Koffi Olomide, Nyoka Longo, etc. were interviewed during the 90s. It was a "passage obligé" during that time.

People aren't talking about Lutu Mabangu on youtube or facebook because his death is overshadowed by the death of actress Solange Ngolomingi 'aka Mindondo who died 1 later. I'm sure that alot don't even know that Lutu Mabangu passed away.
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Wow, I was just thinking about his name. RIP