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He talks about his newly released song and says he will release a song every 3 months  rather than a whole album and quickly audrey drags him into polemic saying people say he is jealous of fally and he says he has never been the type to be jealous of people because everybody has his life its up to you to appreciate what you have and be proud of yourself and that in DRC people are too quick to judge
he attacked fally for the simple reason that fally dissed him and sent his journalists to make whole videos to roast him and since they are not at his level he went back for their boss and in DRC when you are the most succesful of the two people argueing people blindly back you no matter what and label the other one all sorts of names
and she tries to hint that he was jealous of fally since quartier latin because of chef d orchestre role and he reveals that koffi wanted to demote fally back in the days of ferre's arrrival and put him as a stand-in chef and he declined and even when fally left and he left aswell koffi tried to get him back with promise to be the chef but he refused to come back which shows  he is not interested with chef role,and gives names of people who can confirm those stories
and he says fally's diss aside,he considers fally as a friend and respects him a lot and says he is doing great things for the name of congolese music abroad along with guys like innoss,ferre and even the diaspora guys like gims,dadju and co who we should consider as congolese because they have congolese blood
then audrey asks about innoss b and bill thing and they way she asked soleil says she asked it clearly expecting him to put all blame on innoss and that we must see first what bill said which got innoss to respond because every artist wants to be respected and will defend his honour regardless of age and she insists so much in painting innoss in a bad way(that site has a strong problem with innoss,audrey is my cousin lol  and i give her a hard time for having blindly followed the thing ) that he end up saying maybe innoss is saying some things because he cant handle such a strong success which pleases her