Author Topic: FRANCE = MAISON MERE, ARGENTINA = QL  (Read 390 times)

Manzambi94 on: January 03, 2023, 19:36

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Argentina = QL

Going back to the 2022 World Cup I though that the teams in the final were incredibly similar to two of the most known groups in Congolese history. Follow my logic.

I think that Wenge Maison Mere is like France, a bunch of Individual talents who can each make it on their own and that they are stars at their own club but that fails to win big trophies despite always being the favourites because they backstab each other and with the Coach (Werrason = Deschamps) going as far to favour lesser talented players (Fabregas = Giroud) despite more talented guys (Ferre = Benzema) because the so called talented guys aren't completely bending backwards into loyalty towards the coach I don't think Wenge Maison Mere has a Mbappe because both Bill and Ferre the guys with potential greatly underperformed what they could have been if they had the humbleness of listening,  yes Ferre is huge but remember before Fally started to dominate everyone were expecting Ferre to be what Fally is now.

QL instead is like Argentina despite not having the same amount of Talent that France (Maison Mere) havr they have one clear star (Messi = Fally) who have natural talent and who hasn't always been regarded as the best since he came with guys like Ronaldinho , Eto'O, Henry (I struggle to imagine which musician can be compared to these three) and that hasn't always used his natural talent (Comparison between how Messi despite the talent struggle to win the world cup or having disastrous seasons at Barça or even this recent season at PSG) and got lazy off his feet, but that when there is a world cup to win this star carries the other average players of Argentina (Jordan Kusa, Bouro Mpela, Deo Brondo, Jipson, Montana, Mirage, Soleil) to win the world cup with a proud coach (Koffi) whom is happy that he can put a winning culture into his "son"

Do you agree with this analysis?