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He says mampata's mother was like a mother or grandmother to him always treating him well so he found it totally natural to go to funerals and that he decided on his own and nobody around him knew about it and went back to kin one day before funeral and once again on his own called his guys to meet the day after at his house to go somewhere which he did not inform them  and naty says he just knew he decided on his own because knowing music environment a lot of his staff members would be strongly against if he told them(the way fally's staff were also strongly against fally visiting koffi when his dad passed away) and when they arrived there his guys were surprised and when he was welcomed well and installed and when he went to pay tribute he did not know mampata was back home since earlier on her nephew apologised in his speech for exaucee and gladie missing due to class so he expected her to be with them so he passed  in front of her without knowing  then saw claudine kinua and talked with her and mampata's relatives and its at that moment that he realised she was there and he went and sincerely apologised to her because he was not really paying attention to faces he was focused on going  in front of coffin to pay tribute  and it was a special moment for him because he had never seen her or talked to her ever since he left maison mere,and he saw many many people he had not seen or talked with since he left and when he hugged werra he felt it(indeed werra has something strong in him if he hugs you  you will feel it more than some other people) and he was  so emotional in that moment that he did not even hear that people were clapping its when he arrived home that his guys showed him images trending on internet and he was surprised  and he says he will keep what he said to werra secret but it was a blessing for him to finally see werra and added that from seeing the images of people clapping for them while they came to mourn gave him another image than thinking beefs are what people like to see and he learned a lot from that moment
earlier on naty asked him how he copes with all the up and downs and controversies of his career, he says he is somehow lucky to have grown in a poor family without father so he's endured being down for a good part of his life and has learned to cope with it,its the nature of life that sometimes you have to cry sometimes you have to smile so he accepts it like that and about how people judge him he says even the Almighty  never was unanimeously loved so how would a simple man like him be loved by everybody,its impossible  so he just tries to be a human who does good and bad like every human and who just tries to make the most out of our short time on earth
 he also said he is fully for fally's concert at bercy because the ban is not normal,its not normal that only a category of congolese people has to sacrifice their work to  please some people who see themselves as stars or have personal issues with musicians
fally has the right to perform and  he gives example of franco-congolese hiro who performed at olympia with no problem other countries have their davido's and co having almost worldwide career at peace so they should accept having their fally's and co who do the same,since they target only born and raised kinshasa artists who come to europe and he urges his fans to attend fally's concert to prove them a point and he says it deep from his heart and if he is saying it just to please people may God destroy his career and that he has friends who called him that they'd go and burn two old cars to make police cancel fally's concert so that he is not the first to restart concerts and boast about it and he told them lets admit you block him so that he does not start,dont you see that the day i will want to perform too he could send people to block me so that i am not the first either? and that fans should support any artist who is trying to make steps forward
Post by: archos on February 10, 2020, 09:47
after his interview i have two dreams,one is fally reposting his interview saying "tokoss brother" and him saying" good luck bro we are together" and fans of both starting to get along a bit
and the second is either out of nowhere we see a video of him at werra's house chatting with him or coming as a surprise guest at werra's concert or vice versa,it would be brilliant
Post by: Congolitude on February 10, 2020, 10:40
I don't know if you too have noticed but since Héritier met Werra at the funeral of Mampata's mom, he has regained popularity enormously and people have become more cool towards him despite the scandal he had with Naomie ...
I think Heritier has never been very malicious towards Werra since leaving WMMM so it's a little sad that Heritier is finally appreciated only once after meeting Werra when it was the Werra camp which was very hard towards Héritier