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He says he is the third and last son of his mother and that his father is still alive(contrarily to a lot of people thinking he lost his dad) somewhere on earth but he does not know much about him since he never lived with him
 his mother raised them having to do several jobs at the same time and was very very strict on him while normally its the youngest who is the parents' favorite,she  worked hard to give them a decent life and especially paid well over the odds for their class
so he feels blessed because he came a long way, people see  who he is today but cant imagine how far he came from and it has affected his personnality a lot,in the sense that  it got him used to having things difficult and at the same time it made him a tough guy
his mother used to beat and punish him a lot over the fact he was playing football often just after class and no way she'd have imagined  him becoming a musician since she wanted him to go very far in class and have hopefully a big job to change the situation of the family
 and in class he was a very good student until his passion for music started to develop and his results started dropping much  to her anger and like we know he ended up joining wenge bcbg and coming very late at home which forced him to go live at some point with aunts and his late grandmother but his mother still did not know anything about him doing music and was still focused on him going to university one day and getting an honourable job
then came that moment where bcbg went to zenith and he got taken to maison mere and his mother noticed she has not seen him for days and was super worried,only to learn that her son had become a musician and was at werrason's house
and she went there and werra's staff tried to convince her then werra himself arrived and talked to her for a long time but she still did not agree because she is not an easy person to convince and few days later his older brother pongo pontiack(who sang d de d with him) who was their mother's favorite and who did not live with them anymore(to start music on his side aswell) stepped and convince her to allow him to go to werra's house so that he finishes class there and starts music at the same time and that he could be the one who'd change their life
 and he says even though his mother never was too expressive or too "nice" in a kid's eyes to him he loves her so much and its pretty much the only thing apart from deaths which can make him cry,and as another symbol of the tough education he received he revealed that his mother always told him to never ever cry in front of people,to stay strong in front of people then hide and cry if you need
so he was really hurt when because a music some people talked very bad about his mother
he says he has 4 kids(heritiana diorella ciara,brooklyn beckham,ketia and dierci) and he tells them they must not be any worried with the fact their father can be insulted or attacked because thats unfortunately part of his job
she tries to ask whether he is married he seems a bit embarassed and cut it short saying he is in a relationship( his fiancée gets mad pressure on daily basis from people to leave him and it creates a bit of back and forth so they are not yet a seemingly super super strong couple like some of fellow musicians)
 he also goes to explain why he  still has a lot of childhood friends around him and why he has the reputation of being generous of money and he goes back in the history saying that back before he became an established musician and star,those friends would some time give him their food and not eat that night so that he eats before going to rehearsal,some would even have a sugarmommy or sidekick just to be able to buy him some jeans or pay him transport to rehearsal and many things like that,so he can only be grateful to them,and he says thanks to God he has sent a big number of them of them to europe where there are bigger opportunities for their lives but he is  not satisfied he wants to send even more of them and he says unfortunately for them musicians given the way things work its impossible to show how grateful you are to every single person who helped you because they receive help from hundreds and thousands of people but he prays that every of them are blessed in their life
and he likes to share his money not because he wants to show how rich he is but because  he has received  a lot from people,and now that he is in a position to give a bit to people he cant find it normal not to give,because he has grown up with those values of sharing and complementing each other
 he also was asked a bit about charlie mpaka and co leaving and charlie claiming he was the most loyal person around wata or some of the guys claiming he slapped them in rehearsals saying that its false since him charlie came around him when he was already an established star with double zenith and first album participation being a great succes and named many guys who were there with him  at the very beginning and denied he slapped his musicians but says that unfortunately since people know he has a bit of a temper and used to have the reputation of being agressive,some people blindly believe and it reminds him of  that incident in front of la zamba when there was trouble and him capuccino and kakol went out to see what was going on and werra came and slapped him thinking he was the one behind that trouble and that he was very mad and thought about leaving but when he could sit and think twice he said to himself that werra did it because he loved him and he wanted to educate him somehow
 and he insist he does not beat his musicians,but he admits that he gets angry and being an honest person he cant hide it because he wants his music to be well executed

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