Author Topic: HOW DO THEY GET MONEY?  (Read 110 times)

Manzambi94 on: September 14, 2020, 16:31

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Today I was re watching the new generique of Extra Musica Nouvel Horizon and I asked myself, how do all these labels signing African acts can make money? I mean streams aren't a strong aspect where you can get your money in African music, and I doubt that in a group like Extra Musica where there are 20+ persons there is enough money to be made as a label in concerts, so where does Universal and the other labels signing African artists get their money from? And are Extra Musica and other groups in those typical slave contracts? Where basically they give you a lot of.momey upfront let's say 500k for each Extra Musica member but then recoup it by not paying you until you repay their loan?