shamala on: April 05, 2021, 07:07

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Manzambi94 #1 on: April 05, 2021, 12:28

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I will watch it later but beware of whatever white media put out there about Africa or Black People in general, remember, the racism situation and discrimination and prejudice we are in is 90% because of the white media Jim Crow era and many other racist behaviour they would induce to justify slavery and colonialism, so everytime you are watching any non black media especially American and European media, because they are the main reason of our racism and discrimination problem with that said bro, unfortunately Congo is a country of contrast, most population don't like poverty and Papa Wemba brought that mindset of not being of value enough if you aren't rocking expensive and artistically pleasing clothes (Ba Sapeurs) and the fact that a man to marry you have to be seriously super wealthy to get by. The reason why you hear so many Congolese musician no problem sacrificing someone in order to get ahead in bad spirituality it is because they really don't have no choices, there aren't any jobs in Congo for the average man or for.the Congolese average person usually those with jobs are people who have ties to the old family with Money (like Mobutu, Kabila etc.) Or those who come from Europe and are Congolese and are seen as better from Congolese people who always have lived in Congo so for that they have access to a better treatment and sometimes even getting job positioning (in music is the case of Jr. Marriott or Ngando) my friend who is from Italy like me and he is of Congolese origin told me that he had slept with almost all the girls.he had gone in contact with because he is a "Mwana Poto" A European.

Mobutu really hadn't had any interest of making the quality of school better so people of Congo in Werra's generation aren't really smart or can get taken advantage of, going back to the difference between wealthy and poor in Congo there isn't like solidarity because of good heart, I mean there is but those are the smallest cases giving solidarity it is because I want to own you and if I own you you must obey whatever I said and do whatever I ask this is why you see guys like Robinio, Fabregas, Werra, Koffi, Bill treating their employees like slave, I mean Bill cutting hairs to Liyebo the drummer in any other country would have be seen as an harassment, the same way for Fabregas trying to block But Na Fillet, 10 Ya Match, Materazzi's career, and Robinio humiliating his employees, or Koffi beating his dancers up or locking them up in the hotel when they come to a foreign place. The Luxurious Congo feel closer to a rich person in France then to their lost relative in Limete

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I’ve watched the first 15 minutes... it had me attentive so I’ll watch the rest when I get off work. There’s a behind the scene look at Fally’s école video and the frustration it took to complete it. I’ll watch the rest later but so far the information is very good.