Manzambi94 on: September 14, 2020, 01:12

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Now I understand Bill's Anger and despite being more leaning towards Innoss I cannot lie and act like Innoss hadn't done wrong

Two years ago Bill made a song with Innoss's rival Gaz Mawete and since Innoss can't really stand Gaz Mawete he thought that Bill accepting to go help Gaz Mawete in a song was an inirect way to unsettle him, by collaborating with his enemies, so despite Bill being very close to Innoss and calling him regularly Innoss started to stop answering the phone if Bill was calling despite being very close to him, and instead of keeping it private he tried to humiliate Bill by saying live on Papy Mboma that he doesn't answer to Bill's calls, and this is why from then on Bill United wit Fally against Innoss'B to be honest I hoped Innoss didn't follow the footsteps of Fally, Werra, Koffi and all the Congolese artist who plays this game of if you work with my enemy no matter how hard you have work for me you are my enemy, it is a very childish act and show all the immaturity of Innoss that even though he is established he is still a 23 year old.

mrvibes #1 on: September 14, 2020, 01:24

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I dont see any disrespect there.. How would you react if your bst friend. Befriens your rival or someone always try to downgrade you. Would you be okay of take step back? Would start talking about the issue to everyone you see or act like an adult? All i see is a bunch of stupid grown ups acting stupid toward a youngster.. Fally bill or other are just stupid and innoss to me acted intelligently. No disrespect there.

archos #2 on: September 14, 2020, 02:08

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bro manzambi you falled perfectly look into the guy's trick of mixing several elements of different times
innoss makes it clear whenever asked that there is several reasons behind the scenes and certainly not just the mawete thing,which actually happened well after they were not close let alone bill turning to fally after falling out with innoss bill and fally have been friends ever since they both are solo
the reason why innoss does not pick bill's calls anymore are among others that bill has some sort of history with rebo i gotta think again but its something like he found proof of bill trying to flirt with her(she seemingly used to be her sidekick or something like that )again and talking bad of innoss you know the typical weak arguments of "i am richer than him or more handsome than him i will treat you better he is skinny and this and that", dj abdoul who also has issues with innoss which end up involving indirectly the name of fally like you did did something kinda similar in recent weeks or months after jail,he meet rebo and kissed her and tried to be buddy buddy then sent it to innoss to try to hurt him and rebo was pictured without realising and she ripped into him publicly in social media telling him if he thinks he'll get innos jealous by doing that he is dreaming
another reason is that they had to to a feat  years ago but then innoss had to go to an african country then when he came back he was delaying the feat as he had a new song he was about to do with koffi which for almost every congolese artist it would be a privilege having koffi to agree working with you so he did not want a second feat immediately to risk one outshining another,then bill started talking about him behind his back but artists forget that,even if sometimes or often the reported things are exaggerated or false, there are also true things reported,they always have one two people who are close to both  and does not keep things secret
and if you know people from east,they are very direct for most and hate hypocricy so innoss took it very bad to hear bill talked about and decided not to pick his calls instead of picking to try act like nothing happens,or risking to vent at him openly if they talk
its after the feat issue that bill did the one with mawete and from then it started going down and down until bill attacking the feat with diamond and innoss responding then bill countering with threat to go look for him and beat him like he used to do in the past and his multiple attacks,while innoss has not talked about him ever since his showbuzz concert  then papy's interview while bill has been seeking revenge for long
i think you remember what was his first thing to do once his dad was buried

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