Author Topic: Kabuya says Fally let him take drugs  (Read 4768 times)

archos #15 on: September 19, 2016, 10:09

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 Yes i have been myself to fally's concerts and he is very angry when he sees kabuya drunk sleeping behind the drummer
imagine that even  original should have been done with kabuya but he was again in a bad state so they had to go and wake kasangidi up and he recorded original without even taking a bath
you know why generiques of new album are not finished yet? they always wait for when kabuya is good enough to record because he is too talented
in fally's eyes he'd be the number 1 easy if he acted right lol this reminds me of wazekwa saying how much he argues with his bassist who needs to smoke a lot of weed before playing or gesac who refused to record because he was not high
 i think kabuya is victim on the fact its a common thought in the system that to perform you have to drink and smoke but he took it to extrem,and they are more and more  guys thankfully undestanding that they can perform without any of those things
if you listen to kabuya he keeps justifying the fact he smokes and drinks by saying " but dont you know every artists smoke except my boss fally "

Manzambi94 #16 on: September 19, 2016, 10:11

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lol bro without any disrespect,i see that your comment is mainly based on the treatment of your two favorite artists,whereas this case is completely different,there are proofs that fally does not just watch it without reacting,several times he's said on tv that he had not seen kabuya anywhere near the group for most of the year or he is saying that he loves him too much but his addiction are letting him down and  he even went to see  his family to give money for treatment
 it has never been shown on tv but at some point his addiction went so hardcore that he almost went mad so his family has to chain him so that he does not move from the family house because he became very hard to handle
in this case kabuya is the man to blame,let me pick another example when he kind of recovered from that  he was meant to go with the group in that recent france/usa tour and remain there to be far from those friends who influence him,what does the guy do the day they were meant to be at embassy? he is caught by fally's guards in a bar of weed smokers as they went looking for him in streets
if you remember older posts still about kabuya it has been said times and times that fally almost kicked him out of the group for good because he was fed up and he stayed because of nana who defended him,if we say fally is responsible,then its like saying werra was to blame for adjani when he we all saw scenes of werra expressing his anger for adjani wasting his own talent

I take your response very positively bro but have you ever asked yourself that while Fally goes on TV to say one thing he may be doing the opposite in private? Is it a given that if he went to his home to give them money for treatment(with cameras of course), then he has never encouraged Kabuya to take drugs? That is likely to happen when they are alone so nobody would know. Just wondering bro......
But Simplicity if Fally encourages people to take drugs and alcohool, for what reason Alvarito, Cambridge, Le Petit, Guelor, Constant, Billy Synthe and co aren't wasted?????