Manzambi94 on: February 16, 2020, 16:36

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Today seeing that generique are getting less and less exposure with Rhumbas getting a famous genre but failing to break outside of Congolese market. What will you think will be Congolese music in the next years? JB is not releasing anything. Koffi music is getting uglier day after day and even Werra the guy who always had the best generique disappointed the public with his new album. Yes there is Wazekwa but unfortunately except Article 23 and some parts of Bindu is albim really hadn't had the success that a song need to be international.
Innoss is making AfroCongo popular but he also seems to be oriented to Nigeriam beats and stlyle instead of developing his own like he did in Yo Pe.
I don't think Gaz Mawete have the ability to break in any market especially the Congolese one and Mi Rebo is good but she is too young to make predictions.

Do you think Ndombolo will still be around or it is going to be an art who will die completely?

My opinion.
I think that traditional music from every village especially from the eastern Region will replace the ndombolo and more and more music will be made with different language other than Lingala.
I think that Ndombolo will not disappear but be taking to another continent (Europe) with a Congolese or a Congolese origin guy who will make Ndombolo like Reaggaeton is now for Latin People globally. The trend of looking to copy Nigerians willdie because Fally will have success in France and Congolese people will feel more proud of heir heritage but not making Ndombolo but insisting on Rhumbas. Rhumbas will never die and in addition to traditional songs the Kinshasa generique/Ndombolo orchestra scene will be substituted by one man bands with Angolan and South African beats and cries overtalking of sex

Jeffrey Sirjeza Sibanda #1 on: February 16, 2020, 22:05

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Fally is the hope of this music genre, he has stood fame, won awards, gain international popularity, tour continents and made feats.......he is influencial...... So my of view in 50 years the genre will still be alive