Author Topic: LACOSTE STARTED VERY WELL...  (Read 442 times)

Manzambi94 on: December 10, 2017, 09:30

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I am not side of how his first generique and album were received, but I remember that he was getting credit in Europe, he, sometimes, still does great music like Likimbi and have good artist like Iniesta, Goldberg etc. but he is like Fabregas too much in love of the polemique for being credible as a solo artist.
The dancers in C'est par la, LA solution were the first generation of Fally's dancers, furthermore the crie he uses us from a guy called Nick who did a test for Serra in LA Zamba, he wasn't taken but I remember that the dance stuck to a lot of musician's mind

That Niko kid was awesome, but Serra got Diego instead lol (we all knew how it ended)

mvulusi96 #1 on: December 10, 2017, 10:04

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The song Inspiration is from the Mouna-album of Wenge Tonya Tonya in 2002. I guess that Werrason decided to take Diego, because he came from Wenge Tonya Tonya and also for his voice, which close to that of Celeo.

C'est par la, la solution was the most awaited album of 2007. His song Medicament of Sous Sol was hitting the top charts at that moment. I remember that Roi David was supposed to do the animation on that album. But those Werra-fans and Zoulous attacked him, when he was on the way to the Marcadet-studio. People were very dissapointed when they heard that album. I remember Sankara mocking him of using Djonolo's song, saying that Djonolo was very angry against him and that Lacoste was stupid to say Bisou ya 2007, while they are in 2008.

 All those "fans" and mabanga people left Lacoste alone when that album flopped. But he came very strong back in 2010 with Kingongolo "Tir Au But" dominating Kinshasa at the moment that people were waiting for Techno Malewa vol. 2 & Soyons Serieux. Didier Lacoste was susspossed to perform at Zenith de Paris at year with Reddy Amisi, but the concert got cancelled. The whole band was rewarded at the Ndule Awards. Blaise Createur was voted as beat atalaku of the year.

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