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bencuri on: November 29, 2020, 02:28

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Hello guys!

I guess you noticed there are some new advertisements placed on the desktop version of the forum, some of them are music, some are Google ads. They are needed to raise some money to finance the hosting of the forum. The forum is getting bigger and bigger, I have several other projects as well, so this little aid is needed to keep thiings going here. Nothing is in danger, but this way it will be easier to maintain everything here for me and DJ Sly. We know ads can be annoying sometimes, but we will try to limit their amount to the needed level, and make most of them as revelant as possible. If you find Google displays something really  irritating on the ads (that might happen), take a screeanshot and send it to us, so we can take action. Also report to us if you have difficulty with loading the site, or anything, that my be related to the newly placed banners.

Thank you for your cooperation!