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Tindela nga maloba na lipata
Liyebo, liyebo, nalela liyebo nalelaka yo e (Send me words onto the sky, Liyebo, liyebo which I miss liyebo, I am crazy for you)
Mam'e, mam'e wowowowo (mother, mother wowowo)
Ooooo yaya, mbele oo mbele mbele oo mbele oo yaya
Mbele oo nasuka mboka ooo mbele oo yaya (ooo elders, elders, until the end of the country, elder)
Tindela nga maloba na likanda
Liyebo, liyebo, nalela, liyebo nalelaka yo eee (Send me words in a letter, Liyebo, liyebo, that I love liyebo we go crazy for you)
Neymar pesa makambo
Neymar synyhe sesa makambo (Neymar gives us material, Neymar synthe join the battle and give us material)


Neymar synthe pesa makambo Frasologie yemba Fras toyemba ko buaka te oko buaka sima
Yoka ye (Neymar Synthe give us material so Frasologie can sing, Fras let's sing don't make the atalaku you will make cries later, hear him)


Banda na boya ba Cherie eee nakoma kobomba bongo (kobomba bongo) (Since I have said no to stable ladies, I have started to save money) {To save money}

Soki nayoki mwa mposa nakendeke kuna na Pakadjuma (Pakadjuma)
Pakadjuma ba petit ebele 'a kitoko batonda tendresse (batonda tendresse) (If I am little horny I am used to go there in Pakadjuma) {Pakadjuma} (In Pakadjuma there are a lot of young ladies who are full of sweetness and tender) {Full of sweetness and tender}

Fras yoka kaka Archignance ayemba sikoyo Archie kobuaka te yemba (Fras listen Archignance who will sing Archie don't make the atalaku sing)


Bolingo lokola bouteille'a sukali e na mesa
Soki otomboli na mesa etikaka zero
(Okosila oko toboka oko tikala zero) (Love is like a bottle of sugar upon the table, if you lift it up there isn't anymore sugar in the table, this means) {You will finish, you will pierce, and you will left with zero}
Dawuda la misterieux  (Okosila oko toboka otikala zero) (Dawuda the mysterious) {You will finish, you will pierce, and you will left with zero}


Lokolo 'a Papy Le Roy, (Lokolo) Glodie Diasukaa (Lokolo Ya Pembe) (The leg of Papy Le Roy, {The Leg}) Glodie Diasuka {Lightskin's leg}
Lokolo Ya Papa Na Jazzy (Lokolo) Aaa (Lokolo Ya Mwindu) (The leg of Jazzy's dad {The leg}) Aaa {Darksking leg}
Lokolo 'a Kelvin Sungula ee (Lokolo) (Lokolo Ya Choco) (The leg of Kelvin Sungula ee) {The leg} {Chocolate's leg}

Hmm wuuu
Bazo beta miziki, nkasi misu na Fabro, bazobeta mindule nkasi misu na Villanova Manger yoooo (They are making/playing music but all the eyez on Fabro, they are playing music but all the eyes or Villanova now eat yoo)
(Manger le Manger le yoyoyo)   {Eat it eat it}
Manger le Manger le yoyoyo (Eat it eat it)
(Manger le Manger le yoyoyoo) {Eat it eat it}
Tatu Kwenzo Manger le (Eat it)
(Manger le Manger le yoyoyoo) {Eat it eat it}
Dadi Ya Mukadi Manger le  Manger leee (Eat it eat it)
Manger le, manger le (Eat it)
Kiadi (Ashamed)
Lemba préparé Nous mangeon ee
Manger le, Manger le, yoyoyo (Lemba get ready, we are eating, eat it eat it yoyoyo)
(Manger le Manger le yoyoyoo) {Eat it eat it yoyoyo}
Petit Diabicho Lambi  Nkinkoli
(Manger le Manger le) {Eat it eat it}
Doudou Mbesa manger le manger le yoyo (Eat it eat it yoyoyo)
Manger le manger le (Eat it eat it)
Ya Didier Ntumba Manger leeee (Elder Didier Ntumba eat it)
Tatiana Cruz Manger Ya Piero Nzambe na ngai (Tatiana Cruz eat, Elder Piero, Oh My God)


Neymar pesa makambo,  Neymar synthe pesa Makambo
(Neymar give us some material, Neymar Synthe give us some material)


Lokolo ya Ila Patsho iii (Ila Patsho's leg)
(Lokolo) {The leg}
(Lokolo ya pembe) {A lightskin's leg}
Papa na Jose Yandu Mama na Didier (Jose Yandu's dad mother of Didier)
(Lokolo) {The leg}
(Lokolo Ya Mwindu) {A darksin's leg}
Lokolo papa iiiii iiiiiii (The leg Daddy yyyyyy)
(Lokolo) {The leg}
(Lokolo ya Choko) (A chocolate's skin leg}
Angel Ndinda Kao, Junior Mundele oooo
Ba tata ba tata mais nzala te noki okozanga baboti (You can be a father but don't let them without eating because you will loose your children)
(Tape mbanda na yo) {Pay attention to your love's rival}


Lokolo ya (The leg of) Dem Willy Le Gabonnais,
(Lokolo) {The leg}
Finston Mbwala
(Ya Choco Papa) {Of chocolate's skin daddy}
Diana Mbala, Richie Kala, Patrick Mulele

PDG Lenny Bidens na biso (Our Lenny Bidens the President Director General aka CEO)
Tina Sephaette
Gordon Mpe Bukano,
Patou Onya, Claudien Tshimangu wo
Lokolo ya Tea Bilele (Tea Bilele's leg)
(Lokolo) {The leg}
Yee George Coach Mutemo
(Lokolo ya Pembe) {Of lightskin's skin}


Blanchard Kilombo
(Lokolo) {The leg}
Adolphe Tsimba
(Lokolo ya Mwindu) {Of lightsjin's skin}
Noël Kufio na ngai iiiii (My own Noël Kufio)

(Manger le Manger le yoyoyo)
Mangeeeeer {Eat it eat it yoyoyo}

(Manger le Manger le yoyoyo) {Eat it eat it yoyoyo}

Manger le Manger le (Eat it, Eat it)

Manger le (Eat it)


Miziki ekomisa ye ndenge atosa baleki te (Music made him a big headed, he never helps the little bros)

Miziki ekomisa ye ndenge
Abanga baoyi te (Music made him a big headed, he doesn't fear elders)

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The vocal range of this guy it is amazing and if he keep it up he could be a valid atalaku, the problem is that the lyrics are waaay too much over sexualized but at least they are funny Fabro did a really great work of finding valid atalakus, what I like about Frasolpgie also is that he has a lot a lot of scenic presence.

A little bit overshadowed by Frasogie, but has better lyrics and the same scenic presence, I wish he had more space to develop his own crie without following Fras's one.


This guy is a genius musically him and Thierry synthe to me are competing for the number one spot on that synthe department no disrespect to Jeremy Kitubu and Cedric Guez.


I have choosed to use this video for lyrics because it is on point I mean whoever had the idea of the video and developed (kudos to Dan Scott the director) deserve some very sincere compliments, one of the best video visually in the Congolese music if not the best

Lokolo literally means the leg but in Congolese culture it is usually the word that people say when they want to dance: "landa lokolo" follow the leg literally but it means actually to dance to the rhythm or "zwa lokolo" take the leg which means follow the wave follow the dance, and it is interesting because Fabregas here along with Neymar uses the Boniomai rhythm made popular by Mabele Elisi made in modern form something that a lot of Bangala musician do, since Mabele Elisi it considered to be the king (until he was alive) of Folkloristics music, even though these seems like a dance song to get over and dance it is actually a description of a guy who goes in Pakadjuma (a very very known district in Congo) which is known for the beauty of their prostitutes, when Fras and Archie said things like "I am starting to save money" or "Love is like a bottle of sugar, Fras is saying that since he is not getting free sex by his lover/or that he avoids stable relationship, he will save money so he can go to Pakadjuma, while Archie is saying that since love is like a bottle of sugar, his love for his old lover is over so even though he still is with her, he will fuel the sugar into his love life by going to Pakadjuma, the Lokolo ya Pembe, Ya Choco, Mwundu is allowing to the fact that in Prostitutes streets like in a store you have got lot of different things you can choose, so the same with prostitutes, prostitutes with light skin tone, darksine tone chocolate tone etc.