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He says when he saw fally come from bercy with koffi he told his friend john scott who is now also settled in france that they should leave delta force to join quartier latin and as people know already he impressed and played most of effrakata live songs
then wen koffi left him behind after affaire d etat he went to join maison mere when there was everybody still except baby ndombe who was suspended and he reveals that he introduced brigade to ferre back then so that he also joined since they were very close
when he joined maison mere  there was a beef between heritier and kakol and kakol to prove to heritier a point he took dany kule from nouvelle ecrita to make him join maison mere so it was a golden opportunity for heritier to counter and as heritier already liked him too he supported him and the day he had to be tested he came with few people and heritier told him that the secret of tests in maison mere is that you have to come with a lot of people who will applaud you to influence you joining as werra judges based on crowd reaction so he gave him 100 dollars to buy transport for more people to come  and since he heard werra say in an interview that if you sit on kakol's drums your backside will inflate so he brought a complete drumset which surprised people and werra was looking at him like "sss ahh so you the guy who played effrakata" and he took 45 minutes to install his drumset and he impressed but regretted that he did not play sebene otherwise it could have been bigger,and kakol was like his heart would explode and he brought in tshetshe de balle and patcho from wenge tonya tonya to counter cambodge
and it was very tense between them they'd fight several times on stage and off stage before and after concert and it reached a level where it became a family thing,if a kakol relative meet one of his they'd fight and vice versa and one day he was surprised to be sent soldiers by kakol as there had been a fight between his sisters and kakol's,and she asked whether werra knew all that,and he says yes werra knows but acts like nothing happens
she asked about him falling out with brigade then and he said as strange as it is brigade sided with kakol rather than him who he knew well,maybe in order to cement a position, and brigade came in a nightclub to attack him with people and he called heritier who also came with people  and it ended up in a big mess with even gunshots by police and when werra heard he suspended brigade after hearing that its brigade who started
she tried to tease him over the fact he used to fight for fally and he says indeed fally  not that he is a complete coward but he is not a super strong character although he has a bit of that bandal badboy spirit so he needed somebody like him  because in clan wenge there was guys like jdt baby celeo  who were not afraid to jump into fights
he remembers a day when alerte was out they were with heritier at chez ntemba nightclub and a guy came with the black Y 3 outfit werra wore and the guy was making  everything to get their attention and  when they decided to intimidate him he ran away but they followed him and beat him hard to defend werra and he says leaders like that and they dont even need to make much noise to activate people doing that they just have to tell a group of people "i want to hear the news" and they'll get the job done for example the way they beat patsho rfi in recent years,but he says now he is father and he cant do certain things anymore so he has calmed down
one day fally invited him at fikin while he was still in maison mere  and he went and play one song,the next day he was following an announcement on national tv that the drummer cambdoge from maison mere is given undefined suspension then fally called him to join his group officially as he had been wanting to get him from the start,being his pire petit from childhood,their houses almost facing each other and that he has never been afraid of sharing drum role with another strong drummer proof is he played along with titina who is a master but still contributed so he cant fear anybody while other drummers will not accept him joining their group to compete
he was asked about him stayed in europe to sort out papers and he said basically fally was against it but once they arrived in europe he  took fally apart after rehearsals to talk to him about his idea to get papers through his kids and fally instead of assuming he was against pretended it was cool and when he returned to kin he was shocked by treatment and he told fally face to face "bi bro twist the thing i am fally and you are cambodge would you like me doing this to you
When he arrived he meet fally who was in gym at grand hotel and after fally finished he went to restaurant of grand hotel and sent his bodyguard to call cambodge to rejoin him where he was and fally told him he had to discuss with atele if he were to rejoin the group and he told him how come i have to speak with atele when i remained in europe because we agreed with you and fally asked if he had a problem with atele and he said no but i did not talk with atele to remain in europe while should i talk with him to rejoin the group when i never said i left in the first place and fally said but now its atele who controls the group since i am often abroad and i come to kin only if i have to perform or record,and he understood that fally just did not want him back because he had european papers and used atele as a scapegoat  and he told fally" pres do you know that i spent 7 years in maison mere so i know 12 well and he refuses to call atele and told that that him as the supreme boss could just inform atele that cambodge is back so he should be integrated to rehearsals if he really wants him back atele will have nothing to say and he says he did not join a group in kinshasa because he works in europe and reveals that when he was still in maison mere he was telling heritier to leave the group and form a band together but heritier did not want as he loved werra too much so he is like an indirect team wata co founder and she gaves him idea of joining heritier and he says why not he'll see it will depend on how he can organise things  but for sure heritier  if he does not want to have a guy who goes to europe he will say it openly instead of being hypocrite and by the way he does not understand why the young generation of leaders have a problem with musicians getting europe papers when themselves were tolerated for years in group with papers(heritier,miel,ferre,fally,abraham...)

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Letting Cambodge go was a stupid move by Fally