Author Topic: Papy Mboma gets at Werrason on Ferre Gola and Heritier  (Read 1031 times)

Franco Pepe Kalle on: January 20, 2020, 01:24

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I have no chance to watch the whole interview but it is pretty intense. Papy Mboma somehow manages to get names Ferre Gola and Heritier to Werrason's face. Werrason seems pretty mad (when he is laughing but is a fake laugh) to hear those names especially Ferre Gola. I am not sure who he has a deeper problem with. Heritier or Ferre Gola? I think Ferre Gola. That is my opinion.

archos #1 on: January 20, 2020, 04:07

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lol man was hella uncomfortable at the beginning,but since his seems to have what i call the "growing syndrome" of most people know to be super strict and resentful( the perfect example is his relationship with koffi,like vieux bozi says in private if somebody falls out with koffi when koffi has activated his dominant "game" attitude and hurts you overboard for the sake of competition,if you forgive him they you can forgive anybody),he managed to talk unusually well about them,especially ferre but he still threw a little shot like if the relationship is not  like people want to see it can only be the fault of heritier and ferre
one thing i liked also is his honesty about jb,i have always had the feeling that he did not like jb "surrendering on polemic field and going for public peace",i think he feels they could have exploited their fake beef longer and also what he said about his own personality confirms why more musicians chill with jb(although he's making massive change these days),he says the "character" he has created  as werrason does not need seeing jb or other musicians too often(because he is a super competitive person) but he will be there if there is a problem just like jb is there for him