Author Topic: I WISH TO SEE THIS MORE...  (Read 377 times)

Manzambi94 on: June 12, 2020, 00:35

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Genta and the Atalaku of Zaiko and Lofombo brought the song to the next level why these type of collaborations aren't more prevalent in the Congoleseu music system? Can you imagine a generique with Jamaique, Fusee, Kabuya, and all the big name atalakus with solo guitar shared by Sarah Solo, Bicorine Makaba Arc En Ciel &Tolbert Solo? It would be a killer.

I like a lot this song but you can see that everybody except the instrumentalist haven't put their best effort, Genta clearly out of key (but since that kinda funny voice he adopted it has become a costant) and Bill himself he has talent but he keeps doing this stuff where he puts his 50% of force. I could understand if it was in a song but is always lie that only with Escalator and other recent song he woke up, I like the concept of Fally making a mabanga like type of singing while Bill animates but the sound mixing in that time (Bill & Fally) is pretty bad with Bill voice almost disappearing, but I prefered to see Fally Atalakuing along with Bill, anyway I think it was disrespectful from Fally to not show for the clip because all the other artist showed up. It is so weird to here a Congolese based Rapper who raps in French. I understand that they had to put a lot of artist to create buzz but that was the part I have least liked.