Author Topic: Nice new music from Vieux Bozi Boziana  (Read 402 times)

Franco Pepe Kalle on: May 28, 2018, 23:07

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So far Ndombolhino got three songs of Bozi Boziana. They are more but I will post them before more comes.

Here are the posts

My favorite is the last post I putted because Bozi Boziana sounds perfect with Desouza Santu who used to be with the late Pepe Kalle. BTW Bozi Boziana sounds somewhat like Pepe Kalle but he is much more fragile than Pepe was. Djuna Djanana sounds good as well as the female singer (who is she?). It has the folkore effect which I like a lot in this case. But the Desouza and Bozi Boziana harmony together was my favorite. I hope they sing together more in the feature.