Author Topic: NO Disrespect: But isnt it time for koffi to  (Read 830 times)

Ken Bilele #15 on: January 13, 2021, 12:41

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Congolese people dont take Awilo Longomba serious, like way they dont respect Kanda Bongo Man. They see Awilo as a clown. Its people coming from Western and Eastern Africa who respect him.

Looool!! Clown!! that is harsh. You may disagree with me but there are parts of Africa that Koffi is still popular than any other Congolese musician alive. Movies don't pay in Africa and he knows that and Africans don't buy books as well. Who has bought Wazekwa's book in here? How much has it given Wazekwa in revenue?

Over here in Kenya Koffi is still huuuge. 90% of his fans dont even care about Cindy or who is in his band. As long as the music is from Koffi, they partake. It's only 'experts' like us who know and hate the fact that all his generiques nowadays sound the same. Everybody else just dances and still will.

Very true.

BR #16 on: January 13, 2021, 21:30

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I know will be dead when Koffi decides now he wanna rest and do what Papa Le Poet SIMARO did to Bana Ok by handling the leadership of the group to talkative Manda Change. But again who can he give QLI that mantle? Sam Tshintu immediately rung into my head but everyone here know Cindy will be the one taking over.

Lamusica #17 on: January 16, 2021, 04:48

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Although sonically his music has changed dramatically, he still has an impact on the African continent. As evidenced by his recent tune with Diamond. And previously his own solo hits like selfie, etc... That alone is reason enough to continue (in his mind).

Someone mentioned it: money. Seems like money is still pouring in, he's now active in Europe, so life is good.

Frankly, there's no age limit to making songs. Whether or not people still enjoy your songs is another thing. I will say though that he's entertaining as an artist/individual. "vieux a lingi ko Kola te" lol

SLY PAPA NA KEVIN #18 on: January 16, 2021, 14:24

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Music is for life,no one retires from music. He's still young to quit music. Yes, he should be writing a book now and probably be doing more work as Executive Producer but he's stepped on too many toes that no one trusts him,much that that they can't even risk recording in his own studio for fear of having their work sabotaged,that's how bad things can end up when your career is built up by major rivalry with competitors some who are even fit to be his own childrens so he has to keep working hard if he has no other business because his money will finish and you will laugh at him again.