Author Topic: WHO'S THE MOST FLAGRANT LIAR OF THEM ALL?  (Read 392 times)

Matebu #15 on: February 18, 2020, 21:57

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This a really, really tough one  ;D. These guys lie with so much confidence and charisma, it's amazing

Didier Lacoste - Mon petit, mon juene frere Usher

Koffi Olomide - Petit na ngai Poooff Daddy

Rihanna abengi muana

Sankara Dekunta

Well. Koffi knows he is bullshitting.
Sankara is crazy but he did interviewed Robetto Carlos and Zidane plus Makelele bht Lacoste man, I am sorry for him because he really seems ti believe his own lies he doesn't even perform outside of Kinshasa howcome Usher came to him to make a feat? I can understand he wants to discredit Fally hinting that he sold his booty for the R. Kelly feat but come in man lol lie better. Furthermore since his music is not relevant anymore and 100% of his group went to Werra and other Wenge offshots how this guy sustain himself? I mean no music no band no attention outside of Kinshasa how does he eat?

Koffi is a master troller and will never apologize for behaving that way. To his credit, we did see the picture of Rihanna and his daughter a few days later so the lie was a little less of a lie.

Didier Lacoste has or has had a sugar mama if my memory serve me correct. That's how a lot of the irrelevant stars are able to fund trips to Europe and potentially record songs no one will listen to. Also, there are a few donors who are willing to give him some income for unknown reasons.

Recently, we've seen Lacoste performing a restaurants and little concert venues in Europe, which are below his standards the way he runs his mouth
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Wenge1995 #16 on: February 18, 2020, 23:43

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Didier had so much promise, but has made a complete mockery of his career kiekiekie!