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Ken Bilele #15 on: October 11, 2017, 08:52

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Ken speaking of Swahili music can you please help me understand who is this band and if they built a legacy?

Mbilia Bel is right, the body needs rest and good food this is why you see people live until their hundreds and athletes dying at 100 too, drinking and smoking are the last shit you need to drink just water and good food

Its my first time seeing this, have no idea who they are. They are not from East Africa, In fact they are playing copyright, their Swahili is like from the East Congo and the lady looks Rwandese or Burundian. The message at the start of the song!!! lol.

@ Ken Bilele :

This is another similar song by Black Blood that was also very popular back in the days.
The tune sounds very similar to a number by the Kenyan group - Sauti Sol  ( the one they Perfromed for Obama)

Not sure if you could recognise some phrases because of the very strange swahili ...

This was also a very poular hit with Voice of Kenya General Service back then.

Yes indeed strange Swahili but I ask again, are you the Blackest Man in Black Africa? Kindly confirm.

Ha Ha !!

Not sure I heard you the first time, but that title belongs to Fred Obachi Machoka....

Hahah Yes I was asking if at all you are uncle.