Author Topic: Papa Wemba in 1981 & 1982 with Viva La Musica  (Read 4423 times)

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a mix of two concerts of Papa Wemba one from 1981 with Esperent Kisangani, Dindo Yogo and Djuna Djanana before the creation of Langa Langa Stars and one from 1982 before the creation of Victoria Eleison. In this period Papa Wemba came back to Zaire after to have been more than 6 months in Europe. Their was a rumours that he died, that he was in prison,etc. Because of that he made the song Evenement what he was singing in the begining of the concert. What you can notice is that Emeneya came late in this concert, it was also his last concert with Viva La Musica. They formed along with Joly Mubiala, Debaba, Bipoli, Tofla, Huits Kilos, Pinos, Patcho Star, Petit Prince, Ekoko Mbonda, Cartouche and Malembe Chant the band Victoria Eleison "the 12 apostles".

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