Author Topic: Papa Wemba seemed to want to resolve his conflict privately with Koffi  (Read 331 times)

Franco Pepe Kalle on: April 14, 2018, 16:59

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After watching this video, It looks to me that reason that he did not reconcile with Koffi was because he wanted their issues to resolved privately instead for everyone in the public to see their "reconciliation". Papa Wemba said that he has been hurt badly by Koffi. So it appears that if Koffi had agree to do it privately, more likely Papa Wemba would have at least tolerated Koffi more but since Koffi likes publicity, then Papa Wemba felt that he was insincere.

It is so heartbreaking because it looks to me that Papa Wemba really did care about Koffi Olomide but he felt that Koffi was not the same about him. Koffi must have really done some terrible stuff to end up like this.

But as one said recently, music business can make strange fellows. Strangers become friends and then friends become enemies.