archos on: February 28, 2023, 15:49

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From 41 45 he is saying that the level of our music has dropped a lot because of the way street groups have disappeared,you'd arrive into big groups having been in about 10 groups already whereas nowadays the guys just because they know the bare minimum of singing in tune with guitar go straight from home to big groups,and leaders are clearly seeing that those guys are not mature enough to be given the same freedom they had themselves in the past so they limit as much as possible the guys to chorus
big groups are not made to completely transform a singer they are made to give exposure to a near ready or ready singer for the big stage which is why back in the days,just appearing even in a video alongside the leader started making you a star already but now most of the guys spend over a decade in groups have several full passports but still do not have proper references as singers,and they seem to be happy with it as long as they are handsome and they look like living a good life
if you dont have anything about yourself first,you'll just be living off the aura of the leader and remain in the shadow,whereas when you arrive in groups having already being well trained and willing to work hard to cement your name you'll shine  naturally plus the aura of the leader will give you the extra boost

BienMat23 #1 on: March 01, 2023, 05:04

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NO LIES AT ALL, the apparatus and organic infrastructure that upheld the genre for so long is finished